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An “I Don’t Wanna” Kinda Day


It’s Saturday morning and I woke up today not wanting to think or worry about money anymore…like EVER.  I want to just have a day of finance free thinking.  That should be easy enough it seems but my error is that I want to then turn it into a spending frenzy kind of day!  I truly have an urge to go shop and I do not need a thing.  I could certainly create some need but it would be a total creation.  So, instead of surfing some shopping websites on the internet…I’m writing on the blog.

Insert pleasant hold music here.

I want to write a whole bunch of words that encourage me to be strong and sit still and not cave…but they aren’t coming to me.  Instead the words that are screaming in my head are all about those great outlet stores in between San Antonio and Austin.  Then my brain says if I am that far north I might as well hit IKEA.  I need to visit the parents in New Braunfels and I should take them some of this food I just got but I want to stop and get them something random too!

So welcome to my brain this morning…I wonder which part of it will win.  The smart gal who has kicked debt’s a** over the last year…or the brat who just wants a fix.

I’ll report back…

Container Store = The Devil


The Devil that I overcame!

Sunday was a very good day and as I write this I’m not feeling any remorse about my visit to The Container Store.  Yes, there’s a stream of thought in my mind that is telling me I deserved that shopping trip.  I’ll let you collectively groan as you read that.  I spent $225.  Yes, I could have sent that $225 to debt and while I am not trying to be flip I need you all to know I don’t feel bad about this spending decision.

Did I buy things that I could have done without?  Yes, probably.  Did I get sucked into consumerism disguised as organization?  Uh huh, definitely.  Did I put a lot of things away to pull me off of the $600 I almost spent?  I did.  Did I get that exciting feeling inside that I get when I shop?  Yep.  Does that worry me?  Not a bit!

This shopping trip was planned.  It was not impulse.  I intentionally walked every single aisle of that beautiful store and picked up what I wanted on the first pass.  My cart was pretty full.  I did have a list upon entering but I decided on that first pass to just ignore the list.  It was sort of an experiment in many ways to remember the old Claire and stay true to the new Claire.  I was in the store for almost three hours and I feel that was time well spent!

I bought the grooviest dresser drawer organizers that essentially double the space of my no-longer-scary dresser.  I bought a Simply Human trash can–yes, I did.  I have watched those trash cans for years and didn’t need one until this move when the prior plastic trash can finally bit the dust.  I love my trash can.  It has a side for trash and a side for recycling and it is pretty.  They WERE having their Spring Organization sale  so the trash can was $50 off.  I never knew I’d find so much happiness in a trash can but I have.  I gave some thought to why that is and concluded it is because I no longer make impulse purchases.  I no longer borrow to “buy” stuff I want.  I own this trash can free and clear and there is joy in that reality!  I’m not kidding when I tell you I stared at that trash can all evening and see it as so much more than a really nice trash can.  It is a symbol of good decisions and that you CAN get nice things when you exercise SELF-CONTROL and wait until you have the money saved.

I also bought a few space saving tools that will come in handy in our new smaller space.  I continue to be very content in my apartment and enjoy finding new ways to take up less space!  I did not go crazy and will not go crazy but I also shopped and returned home with no buyer’s remorse.  THAT is a great feeling!  I highly recommend it!  🙂


Moving Day!


I can’t get the keys to the apartment until 10 am when the office opens.  The movers will be here at 9 am to start loading up the truck.  I am so excited about this fresh start!  A long way from my freaking out over having to move, huh?  This entire process (my debt and divorce) has taught me I am so much stronger than I thought I was!  I’ve always had an edge to me but that was often a front overcoming internal voices telling me how I wasn’t strong.  Now I am strong!  And I am getting stronger each day it seems.  I have worries but my thought process when those pop into my head are completely different than they used to be when I was unhealthy.  I, like so many, used to shop to distract myself from whatever was going on in life.  I did not have a conscious realization of this but now I do!  When I moved in the past I would inevitably have a money bleed on buying new stuff for the new place.  There will be none of that this time!  We have everything we need–our trash cans are fine, our shower curtain is in good condition, our pictures and other décor is perfect…no need to buy new for the new place.  That is a huge victory for me to realize that!

Here’s to a GREAT moving day!

Step Away from the Debit Card!


I had a slip this weekend….well, more than just a slip…several slips.  It was, once again, the result of poor planning!  I was so enjoying this weekend doing pretty much nothing but hanging with the kids and I just did not want to plan!   Well, I literally paid the price.  How do those swipes happen so easily and add up to such a high number so fast?   Frustrating.

I’m going to give myself a break and accept that I spent $150 on total needless crap that I can’t even readily identify.  I guess if that is my only slip during the very tumultuous time….I’m doing okay.

26 day until my divorce can be final!!!!  I think getting back to my regular blogging style is in the top 5 things I am looking forward to with this chapter closing!

The Groupon Fight Continues….


I’ve said it before. I don’t Groupon.

It’s not that I don’t like what they do…

It’s that I LOVE everything and want to buy it all. My self-control in online shopping leaves a lot to be desired – especially after the arrival of our kidlet.

I thought I was safe. I don’t subscribe.

But my husband does.

Recently, he started forwarding e-mails about once a week for items we simply can’t live without. I find myself pulled in, willing to not eat for 3 days so we can buy the latest canvas print enlargement or child sized fuzzy hat.


I love him. He’s the most thoughtful, sweet person I know. But I finally had to beg him to stop being so darn thoughtful… and stop sending the e-mails… at least until February.

STOP! Put down that debit card!


Today is ‘Super Saturday’, the last Saturday before Christmas and typically one of the biggest shopping days of the year. If you are like me, a typical last minute shopper, you may be running around the malls, shoving your way through crazy crowds, and brandishing your debit card (Eek. Or credit card).

This year? Hubby, baby, and I will be strolling around the decorated neighborhoods and we may spring for a 99 cent movie. Now THIS is the Christmas I’ve always wanted.

My advice to those participating in Super Saturday, leave the debit and credit cards at home and stick to that cash budget. Happy shoving… er… shopping!

Clothing Budget?


I’ve been unwilling to shop for new post-pregnancy pants for work. More than the money, I refuse to buy another size up. I’m afraid I’ll make those extra pounds permanent if given the opportunity. And heading into the holidays with my mother and sister’s cooking doesn’t help.

My husband keeps telling me to buy ‘just one pair’ as he sees me shivering in my knee length dresses heading to work. The other day, outside temps hit the 30’s and that night I came home and couldn’t seem to get warm. I could cave, buy a pair of pants from the little amount in the clothing budget and save myself from getting pneumonia OR I could hope the shivering would cause weight loss.

I looked at my pre-pregnancy pants hanging neatly in the closet, frustrated they’d been hanging there unused for WAY too long, and decided to try and squeeze myself into them. So, I pulled them up far more slowly than necessary (I’ve never been one of those folks who likes to rip off Band-Aids quickly), and waited for them to catch…

and they didn’t.

Guess who wore her wonderfully warm lined pre-pregnancy pants to work yesterday?

Sure, I look a little more J. Lo than J. Anniston, but the buttons close and that’s pretty much all I hoped for anyway. I think I heard my clothing budget cheering louder than me.