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The roommates have been out about a month now and we are starting to receive our very first utility bills for just the two of us. We all used the same common areas and shared the TV so I didn’t anticipate much of a dip when they left. Sure the water bill would drop a little but that’s it…

Or so I thought.

The water bill did drop a little, only about $20. Since our water bills are sent every two months, this wasn’t a full cycle for two of us, but it’s a pretty good indicator of what we’ll be paying next time.

The cable bill dropped more than $30. They took their cable box and DVR with them and I didn’t realize the monthly expense of the extra cable box. That’s what I get for writing checks and not reading bills!

The most shocking bill of all? Electric. Since we’ve had roommates from the day we moved into our home, we never knew what the total would be without them. The statement would always hover between $135 and $160 per month. This month? $78.

We don’t have roommates to cover half the bills BUT…

Overall, we aren’t that far from what we’ve been paying.

Who knew we were so ‘green’!!??!!



The roommates are moving out. OK, I know I said that before… but this time I mean it?

Well, my husband and I thought they were moving out. They closed escrow on March 3rd. Made sense right? You own a home. You move into it.

Or not.

My brother and his wife (our roommates) have decided to remodel the home before moving into it – and it’s not a simple job either. They have moved load bearing walls, tore out the kitchen completely, moved a wall in the master bedroom, removed the fixtures in the master bathroom, and removed the floor coverings.

These things are kinda important to have put back together BEFORE moving in.

So, we still have roommates.

Knowing they ARE moving out sometime in the next 2-3 months makes taking their rent check pretty darn easy.

I’ll miss that check when it’s gone *cough* I mean, I’ll miss THEM when they are gone.

The Great Pee Debacle of 2010…


I laughed out loud when Angie brought up ‘The Great Pee Debacle of 2010’ in her comment on yesterday’s post. (For those who missed ‘the great pee debacle’, see the house-sitting post here for an explanation)

Seriously awesome name for a bad experience. Totally worthy of a blog title.

A few people brought up the dog sitting/roommate mess and to be honest, yes, that is a big part of the reason my husband is done with roommates. Even now, we both grumble a bit when mopping our warped floors and we were disappointed we couldn’t sell our old couches because of the pee stink.

I forgot to mention that our raises will cover the amount we usually receive in rent (when you don’t charge much in the first place, you don’t miss it) and will actually enable us to pay a little more than we usually do on debt. Our emergency account is fully funded again.

We came out ahead!! Yes!

And for the inquiring minds… the person who house-sat for us and caused ‘the great pee debacle of 2010’ is moving in with my brother when they close escrow.

My husband, who is normally the sweetest man on the planet, let an evil grin slip out when he heard the news. I think I even heard him sing a song about Karma while mopping the warped floor.

Hulu Gave Me A Stress Fracture…


I tried Hulu this week as a trial run for canceling my expensive cable TV. I didn’t think it would hurt…not physically anyway.

Due to the dwindling daylight hours, I’ve been forced to exercise indoors. I lift a few weights and run on my treadmill while watching TV. The TV in our spare bedroom doesn’t have a cable hook up, just an old DVD player. Since we went on our debt diet, we haven’t bought DVD’s in a very long time. How long? I bounce back and forth between watching John Tucker Must Die and There’s Something About Mary. As enthralling as our movie selection is (ha ha), I force myself to work out for at least 45 minutes a day.

Our computer is also in the spare bedroom so I decided to watch Hulu instead – and don’t ask why I never thought of this before. I told you, I’m a tech idiot.

I turned on a decently recent movie and ran…and ran…and ran.

The credits rolled and I glanced down at the treadmill timer.

Two hours.

I was on the treadmill for two hours. Sure, there are people who work out that much in one stretch… they’re called ATHLETES. I am not one.

No, Hulu didn’t really give me a stress fracture. Actually, I can’t say for sure. I don’t know what happened. All I know is, my feet don’t work today. Maybe they’ll work tomorrow. I really want to watch the new season of The Office.

Hulu (and my feet) presented a pretty strong case. Watch out expensive cable company, when the roommates are gone… you’re going with them.

Canceling Cable…


Each month our cable bill has inched higher and higher. This month, it reached the highest amount we’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, our roommates cover half the bill plus their pricey premium channels but once they move out, I don’t think I can justify spending so much on a luxury.

I decided to look into other options.

We don’t watch TV much, but we both really enjoy staying in on a Saturday night and laughing at our favorite comedies. It sort of makes us less miserable about the whole “we don’t spend outside the budget” thing we’ve got going. Sure I could say we will start playing card games, doing crafts together, or cooking by candlelight but… um… we won’t.

I’ve heard about Hulu.com and Netflix streaming via the Wii but I haven’t actually tried them. So, I’ve got two options. I, the tech idiot, can try to figure it out on my own OR, I can see if any of you folks have made the switch and see how it worked for you.

I may be a tech idiot, but I’ve got common sense at least.

Share your cable cutting ideas!