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The roommates have been out about a month now and we are starting to receive our very first utility bills for just the two of us. We all used the same common areas and shared the TV so I didn’t anticipate much of a dip when they left. Sure the water bill would drop a little but that’s it…

Or so I thought.

The water bill did drop a little, only about $20. Since our water bills are sent every two months, this wasn’t a full cycle for two of us, but it’s a pretty good indicator of what we’ll be paying next time.

The cable bill dropped more than $30. They took their cable box and DVR with them and I didn’t realize the monthly expense of the extra cable box. That’s what I get for writing checks and not reading bills!

The most shocking bill of all? Electric. Since we’ve had roommates from the day we moved into our home, we never knew what the total would be without them. The statement would always hover between $135 and $160 per month. This month? $78.

We don’t have roommates to cover half the bills BUT…

Overall, we aren’t that far from what we’ve been paying.

Who knew we were so ‘green’!!??!!



The roommates are moving out. OK, I know I said that before… but this time I mean it?

Well, my husband and I thought they were moving out. They closed escrow on March 3rd. Made sense right? You own a home. You move into it.

Or not.

My brother and his wife (our roommates) have decided to remodel the home before moving into it – and it’s not a simple job either. They have moved load bearing walls, tore out the kitchen completely, moved a wall in the master bedroom, removed the fixtures in the master bathroom, and removed the floor coverings.

These things are kinda important to have put back together BEFORE moving in.

So, we still have roommates.

Knowing they ARE moving out sometime in the next 2-3 months makes taking their rent check pretty darn easy.

I’ll miss that check when it’s gone *cough* I mean, I’ll miss THEM when they are gone.