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Utilities, Security Deposit Return and The Ex!


I could get VERY used to my utility bill in this apartment!  Last month was $78 and this month it’s $65!  Granted we aren’t in the heat of summer yet but I have been running the air a lot!  I am so excited about yet another savings opportunity over the house!

I also received a partial refund from the $1,800 security deposit husband #2 and I placed on the rental home.  They are trying to keep $900 for pet stains on the carpet.  I’ve already mailed my objection and  included a copy of my inventory sheet where I meticulously noted all of the pet stains on that carpet.  I even had throw rugs all over the upstairs the entire time we lived there because it was disgusting!  I think I once posted about that in fact.  There is no way I am going to shell out $1000 to fix the crappy carpet they had in there!  The manager at the leasing management company was always very difficult to deal with so I had prepared myself for something like this to happen.  That’s why I was ready with my inventory copy. While I do not want ONE more thing to deal with I wasn’t going to sit back and walk away from that money.  I personally think that places bank on people being busy and letting stuff slip by and it has certainly happened to me in the past, but not this time!

Things continue to deteriorate with husband #1.  He only took the kids from late Monday night until Thursday school drop off and then had to travel for work–or at least that is what he told me via text.  DS has expressed that he wants to talk to the counselor about these changes and that he would like to invite his Dad to visit with the counselor too.  I’m leaving that to him as he is old enough now.  I am pretty proud though that he wants that to happen.  I hope his Dad doesn’t disappoint but (repeat after me…) I do not have control over that!  On the same topic I had a momentary slip down to his level this week.  The cruise he is taking with NW and the kids was booked at the end of January/beginning of February.  He started talking to me about needing passports for the kids in April.  I immediately signed the paperwork and got it back to him.  Since April things have gone downhill and he sent a text last week (on my Friday) saying he was going to take the kids out of school to get their passports.  Uh.  No.  You can do it after school.  He adds that he found out he needs a copy of my license. Sorry–I cannot drop what I am doing at work to get you my license and  sorry you are not taking them out of school.  He was angry.  He left town for the holiday weekend with NW and the kids were with me.  All was well.  I take the kids to him Monday night and then pick up DD from school on Tuesday as is our routine for dance class.  She immediately launches into me asking why I did not let them go get their passports with their Dad.  This is the crap that I used to just step over and move on from.  I wouldn’t call him on it b/c I didn’t want the fight but I’m done with propping him up as Dad of the Year.  I calmly explained that he wanted to take them out of school and I knew her brother had a test that he couldn’t miss.  She eased up but then I went to battle via email with the ex. It ended with my proclamation that I will NOT provide my license and he can make travel plans that don’t require passports–period. I don’t care if he loses $2,000. Things escalated and I was completely dug in on my position.  Friends couldn’t make me budge (even though they made valid points about the time coming that I would want the kids to have passports for our travel), family couldn’t convince me to ease up with reminders that I was only hurting the kids, etc.  I hit a wall with his constant characterization of me as a bad guy and so my thought process was “you want to see bad guy?  here goes!”

I know…I know.  Dumb.  My therapist talked me off the ledge and suggested that I involve the kids in the steps that I go through to get them what they need (in this case, the license).  She urges me to show the kids all the things I do to make his life easier (that he continues to deny I do) and let time do its thing.  I’m so sick of being patient but I will do as she suggests.

I’ll be posting new numbers soon and they are looking good!  I had a big chunk from Pampered Chef and the returned Security Deposit (and yes, I can negotiate the check and still dispute their decision) so stay tuned for that good news!


Happy Friday!