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Money in the Bank


I feel like I’ve hit a milestone today that I hadn’t really thought of…money in the bank.

I’m not talking about the 10% I’ve been setting aside in a hard to reach savings account. I’m talking about there being several hundred dollars in my primary daily living account that is not earmarked for some upcoming bill or that I’m watching like a hawk to make sure I can cover something that is coming up.  And the cool thing is, I get paid today too.

As this realization hit this morning, I was able to take a really deep breathe. And smile.

I’ve started working on a budget — really! And am also starting to think about giving back. I’ve had the opportunity of late to give back in small ways, but after what we have been through the last two years and all the blessings we received from others I really want to give back in some real tangible ways, not just sending a check to some big charity.  Something like paying someone’s electric bill as someone did from the BAD community did for us a few months. Or taking some kids back to school shopping. You get my drift. I know I have to put this in my budget AND I still have some debt to dig into.

A financial post will be forthcoming, but I just wanted to let you know that today, I smiled when I thought of my finances rather than trembling with fear or stressing about every day obligations.

Counting my Blessings


With all the “poor me” attitude I’ve had lately (see here), I just have to share a super kind thing that happened to me last night.

After this conversation about teacher gifts, it sounded like the best thing to do was get each teacher a $5 gift card, a nice note, and a hand-colored picture from the girls.

So Friday we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights as a family. We turned on some Christmas tunes and headed to Starbucks. I was going to spend from my eating out budget to indulge in a couple hot chocolates for hubs and I, and use from my other budget to buy the $15 worth of gift cards for our kids’ 3 teachers. We place our order, pull up to the window, and are informed that the car in front of us paid for our entire order – including the gift cards!!!!

Hearing about these “pay it forward” lines is so commonplace now and, yet, I’ve never had one happen to me. I was floored! Of course we paid for the car behind us, but their total was only a whopping $5 (compared to ours, which was going to be $22).

I still feel guilty about having the car in front of us pay for our entire order! If it had just been drinks I wouldn’t feel so bad, but I feel guilty about them essentially buying our teacher gifts for us.

With all the big spending we’ve been doing lately (on root canal, car repairs, etc.), I’m going to take some time this weekend to count my blessings and be thankful for the kindness of strangers!