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Cheap Exercise…


Most Sundays, my brothers, sisters, and I trek to my parents’ house to spend the afternoon together. Mom and dad, ever looking for ways to keep everyone entertained and united, purchased the Xbox 360 Kinect as a family Christmas gift this year. I have to admit, I rolled my eyes as I saw my mom pull out the cheap black plastic kids toy. THIS was meant to entertain all of us?

We plopped the game in the console, connected the Kinect, and let the small children play the silly game while teasing to mom about the ‘immature’ choice for a Christmas gift.

Five very short minutes after watching the kids laugh uncontrollably with joy, we, the responsible adults, shoved the kids out of the way and told them to play outside. We restarted the game and found ourselves laughing hysterically as we ran, jumped, and dodged obstacles on our game rafts.

Five even shorter minutes later, gasping for breath, we called the kids back in and relented our control of the gaming system.

The game we were playing wasn’t intended to be a workout program but judging by the sweat, the gasps for air, and the sore muscles, it was effective as such.

If you want to get in shape as part of your new year’s resolution, forget expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. Play the game that comes standard with the Kinect package. It won’t kill you… but you’ll be so sore, you’ll wish you were dead.