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Dear Murphy – Please Move Out…


Murphy’s Law has moved in to our house.

First we had the damage done by our house sitter (update on that later), now we have a fickle water heater.

Our water heater has started leaking an excessive amount of water. If I lived in Kansas, perhaps leaking water wouldn’t be a problem – but I live in California. Forget oil, water is our liquid gold.

My plumber husband has been out in the garage for the last hour and a half trying to save our 5 year old water heater. All I keep hearing is, ‘I’ll get six more years out of you if it kills me!!’

I stay quiet and make a waterless dinner while he slams tools and torches the pipes. Halfway through cooking, he opened the garage door into the kitchen and shouted, ‘It’s a lot more fun to do this while you are getting PAID for it!’ then disappeared again.

We are $75 in the hole so far but I all I can think is…

Thank God I married a plumber – albeit a temporarily grouchy plumber.

Debt Free? What comes next?


As my debt free date grows closer, I find myself thinking about the next step. I’m about 6 months away and it’s an incredibly strange feeling. I have had some sort of debt since I bought my first car at 16. I’ve spent half my life paying someone back.

When my debt is reduced to only my mortgage payment, what will I do?!?

If you had asked me, when I first started this journey, what I would do when my debts were paid, I would have said, “I want to remodel my 50 year old kitchen” or “I want to restucco my home!”

The fantasy has changed.

My fantasy now consists of a paid off mortgage and growing mutual funds.

I can’t tell you how strange it was to sit down to deliberate over the next step. Obviously we are going to save a larger emergency fund and aggressively pay our second mortgage but my dreams of ‘big shiny things’ are fewer and farther between. OK, I’ll just spit it out…

I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to the good feeling I get when I see zero balances.

Have you thought about your life after debt? What are your plans (other than investments and mortgage payoffs)?