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Resale Shopping


The kids needed summer clothing in a bad way with both of them growing taller in the last few months.  If you aren’t careful you can blow some serious cash on keeping kids in clothes.  It amazes me to see people paying high prices for clothes that will likely no longer fit in 3-6 months.  With that in mind, we shop resale when we can.  I’m thankful for the current movement toward thrift shops because my son doesn’t have any need to get mall clothes.  He’s very practical about it all and I pray that continues.  My daughter is just happy to get any clothes as she just loves fashion and isn’t old enough at almost 9 to worry about where they come from.  We hit a resale shop called “Kid To Kid” and both of them hit the jackpot!  For $123 my son got 4 pair of shorts, 2 shirts and my daughter got a dress, 3 pair of shorts and 10 shirts!  All name brand, all gently used.   It was a victory shopping day!

As we drove home my son mentioned that he admires that I don’t need to keep up with others.   He said that because I’m a lawyer people assume we would only shop expensive brands and at certain stores.  I offered that yes, a lot of professionals do that but not all of them.  A lot of people who aren’t professionals do that, but not all of them either.  I suggested that many  people are shopping on borrowed money and incurring debt for material things.  I was proud to see that he wasn’t embarrassed but instead excited about our finds. He also gets that just because his mom is a lawyer doesn’t mean he can’t wear used clothing.  He knows that he grows fast and he knows that it makes little sense to spend $40 on a pair of shorts that aren’t going to fit next year.

To answer a few of your comments I want to share that I hope to be debt free in the early part of 2014.  If I get lucky and find new ways to cut corners, December would be a very lofty goal.  We’ll see.

Cough, Ack! Spending!


My sister and sister-in-law have been AWESOME at supplying clothing for baby Cash. My sister shopped garage sales in Kansas and brought two suitcases full of clothing. My sister-in-law has been passing over the clothing from her little boy as he outgrows it. I have purchased precisely ONE top since his birth and it wasn’t out of necessity, it was simply a cute top that said ‘Take Me To My Mummy’ for Halloween.

The recent cold spell illuminated the holes on our kidlet’s wardrobe. The poor little dude, while loaded with adorable t-shirts, pants, and jackets, has no long sleeved shirts. We were ill prepared for our weekend at the coast and needed to grab some long sleeve onesies for the trip. I asked hubby to ‘run by Target for some cheap clothes’ thinking surely, it wouldn’t cost more than $20 for a dozen or so warm tops.

Clearly, I have never purchased kids clothing before. Eek.

$60 later, he had the long sleeved tops he needed, and our clothing budget was robbed for the year.

Needless to say, I plan on hitting up some garage sales in the future and being very, VERY nice to my sister and sister-in-law while begging for hand-me-downs.