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I’ve Been So Blessed


The mornings are chilly now, and now I wake to the quiet darkness rather than the sun peaking through the blinds.  In the last week, I’ve spent those early waking moments in the complete stillness between night and dawn going over the many things I have to be grateful for.  It gets me ready for another long day of my last days at work, chauffeuring the kids and job hunting.

But I have been SO blessed this week with the out pouring of support and encouragement both on this blog and in my local community.  For a girl who often feels SO alone in this world, this week has shown me different.  I’m continuing to attend the local Job Transition group, getting advice, encouragement and job leads.  This morning I’ve sent out my resume to the leaders for review and correct.  It’s been a LONG time since I had to use a resume.

I’m applying like crazy to any job that even peaks my interest.  This has scared me a lot since a corporate job would mean a complete change in my life style, but I’ve decided that maybe this job loss was the “frying pan to the head” as I often need with my hardheadedness to make me change direction.

I think my goal right now is to keep the kids lives steady through the school year (April, 2016) if at all physically possible before making any big moves, but as I had previously decided, whatever comes then…we will go.  But perhaps this change means we are to make a big change earlier…I don’t know.

So I’m sorry I haven’t replied to all of your comments from last week.  I do plan to get to it, but THANK YOU for your kind words and support.

If you happen to be a technical recruiter or are in HR and would have time to review my resume and give me some feedback, I would love to hear from you. 

Panic Mode to Inspiration – Future Planning (Part 3 of 3)


This morning I rose at 6:00 am, early for a 9am start girl, and made my way to a local Job Transition group. And that is where I will start.  This group is faith based and was very welcoming.

I don’t know what I will do at this juncture…do I try to return to corporate, do I continue with my current consultant structure and resume marketing in the same manner, do I try something new, do I just get any job I can, or do I take the time and really do something out of the box???

I LOVED what they focused on today….essentially they said, that for any of your skill sets that you are considering pursuing as a job…make a 30 second commercial or spiel.  Not that you film yourself but that you have a card with a couple of bullet points that at any given time, you can “sell” yourself.  It’s alot harder than you think.

I think I am going to look for a few other networking opportunities that I can jump in on while I am transitioning to whatever comes next.

I am working really hard to not let panic mode take over and instead focus on the positives….

  • At this point, I will get to really focus on my kids wholeheartedly right around the holiday season, how cool is that!?
  • I do have several resources I can sell…my car being the big one that comes to mind.  And the inspiration for slowing down before I make any quick decisions I might come to regret.
  • My ex husband is to be starting a new job within a week or two and has committed to stepping up to help me.
  • While we are still living pretty frugally there are a few places I can cut back…
    • Cancelled Netflix (we don’t have cable) as we can use Amazon Prime which is paid for the year for entertainment – $9 month savings
    • Cleaning out storage which I should be able to cancel by the end of the month – $70 month savings
    • Changed the animals food to a cheaper brand which I can get even cheaper on Amazon – $60 month savings
    • I’m sure there are more that I will come up as I move forward.
  • This gives me the chance to really start over if that is what I should do as far as jobs go without really letting anyone down.

I will end with this and it’s probably the most important part right now….

I have really struggled over the past year or so in trusting myself and my decisions.  My prayers have been that if I was not on the right path, I needed that made CRYSTAL CLEAR.  This might just be that CRYSTAL CLEAR sign that I needed to push me in a different direction.  I can’t say that for sure, but I am totally and completely open to whatever God may have in store for me/us next.  He has a plan and I will put my faith in Him as I certainly cannot do it myself.