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Hubby – The WILD Spender


My husband is a man’s man. He’s more comfortable with a hammer than a computer mouse. I oftentimes snicker when getting the mail and my copy of Smart Money is snuggled near his Family Handyman.

Obviously, our celebrations were VERY different.

Usually, we use side work money to pay debt. He comes home, hands me the check, and I pay the bills. After we made the last payment, he came home, started to hand me the check, looked down at it for a minute, and asked if he could use it for a special payoff surprise.

This was his surprise…

He’s building a pantry with roll-out drawers! He cut a hole in the wall between our kitchen and garage to add some much-needed space to our tiny kitchen. How much did he spend? $100. Quite a deal considering he was able to use a lot of leftover materials from side work to piece it together.

When I told him I felt bad about him spending money on the kitchen rather than on something he really wanted, he assured me this was what he had in mind for quite some time.

That… and he’s sick of me asking him to carry the heavy mixer from the linen closet in the back of the house to the kitchen whenever I need it.

Big smile on my face today. Big. Big. Smile.

Furnace – 1 Homeowner – 1


We called our neighbor’s friend to take a look at our furnace. He pulled the whole thing apart, scattering pieces across my living room floor. I eyed him while making dinner in the kitchen, clutching a glass of cheap Merlot, praying his work wouldn’t exceed the unspoken $200 limit I’d placed on it.

Thirty minutes later, he left to purchase parts.

Thirty minutes after that, he returned to install the parts.

An hour after that…

I heard the furnace exhale hot air into our living room.

Woo Hoo! No furnace replacement necessary!

The bill? $179.93.

We were ecstatic about the cost. Much less than we expected. As I reviewed the bill after the repair man left, I noticed his hourly rate – $75. Three times what hubby charges for side work.

Yes, the guy was worth it and I was happy to pay but now all hubby and I can think is…

Hubby doesn’t charge nearly enough. No wonder he’s so busy all the time! We’ll have to review his 2012 prices.