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Teacher Christmas Gifts



Hi all!

I hope you’re having a happy Thursday! The girls and I are headed to Texas on Christmas Day. We are flying (on Christmas because its much cheaper) instead of driving because hubs has to stay back and work. He’s still planning to quit and go back to school in the Spring (he’s all registered and ready to go), but he has a couple big jobs in the meantime that need to be wrapped up by the first of the year. It’s great, too, because it will give him a final big payday before that source of income dries up. I need to write a post on our 2017 budget soon, because it will be looking pretty different given all of the major income/outflow changes coming soon (e.g., hubs quitting work, some job changes with me in the works, etc.).

This is my first time to ever fly alone with the girls (we haven’t flown with them at all since they were 4 months old – we flew back for a wedding I was in). In general, I think traveling is much easier with young children versus infants, but I’m still a little nervous. Send your best tips and happy travel prayers my way (I’m planning to pack backpacks for the girls with things to keep them occupied, etc.)

In the meantime, today is the girls’ last day of preschool. They have their class party and gift exchange with the classmates (everyone was instructed to wrap a book to exchange). I also wanted to share our teacher gifts this year!

For the gift, itself, we took the easy-way-out by getting a gift package thing from Costco. Our store was selling two-packs of Starbucks gift sets for $20 each ($10 per gift). I got the green paper bags from our local Walmart for 33 cents each (it was 3 for $1). The rest of the gift bag items (craft stuff, construction paper, glue, and tissue paper) was stuff we already had on-hand.

I drew a Christmas tree shape on construction paper and let the girls cut it out themselves (we actually did a ton of Christmas trees so we could also put some in cards to family members – I think we did 10 total?)

After cutting out the trees, the girls decorated them using craft materials we already had on-hand. I then glued them in place on the green bags (and wished I’d bought red bags instead) and outlined them with thick black sharpie. Put the Starbucks gift set inside, stuffed tissue paper around it, and called it a day!


Teacher gifts for about $10 a piece, complete with a personalized custom-made kid craft : )

IMG_4542This was actually a little more expensive than our typical teacher Christmas gift. In past years we’ve done $5 gift cards, a kid-drawn picture, and Christmas card (as an example, see here). Even so, I was happy with the price-point. We still stuck within our budget and bought a thrifty gift that I hope the teachers will enjoy.

What do you do for holiday teacher gifts? What is your Christmas budget typically like for teachers, neighbors, etc?


Teacher Gifts, Holiday Tipping


There are TONS of guides out there for holiday tipping those important service people in your life.  I am so grateful that I don’t typically have this struggle because I don’t use any service people are on a regular basis…no babysitter, no hair dressers, no maintenance people, etc.  Oh wait, I’m living in an apartment now and the maintenance crew, two in particular have been AMAZING!  So what do do?

In addition, my kiddos attend a homeschool co op run by super talented and committed moms and professionals.  The urge to shower them with gifts to show my appreciate is strong.  My desire to spend money is about zilch!  I had planned to make soap for every one but two things…one I haven’t started it and it needs at least a week to cure and two I gave them all soap last year.  So I’m in a bind, what to do?

So this post is all about you…what do gift or do you gift those important service people in your life and/or you children’s caretakers or teachers?

I have decided on one…for the first time since Little Gymnast joined the team, I feel the urge to show my gratitude with gifts.  I asked the owner of the gym what to get for his primary coach as I really don’t know him to well.  He’s an older, pretty gruff man and for a lot of reasons I haven’t had any personal conversations with him over the last three years.  But the owner made it really easy…buy him a case of Mountain Dew.  So that’s one gift I will be giving someone who is an important part of our lives if not a personal connection.