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Halloween 2015


I know we’re still in August and just doing the back-to-school thing, but I want to skip ahead a bit and talk about Halloween!

Last year we didn’t really “do” Halloween as a family because my friend got married, so I was busy with wedding festivities. As a result,  I’m extra excited about Halloween this year. It will be the girls’ first year to actually trick-or-treat door-to-door (they’re 3 years old). But you know what I’m NOT excited about? The price tag!

Since we didn’t really celebrate the holiday last year I didn’t buy them costumes. Hubs dressed them up in the same baby-bag type ladybug costumes they’d worn the year prior (see post I wrote about it here. Side note: RIP to the beautiful rug the girls were sitting on that picture. It got destroyed only about a week later with the great flood of 2014). Last year a couple of people recommended buying Halloween costumes on clearance after October 31st and save them to use for this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that organized and it didn’t happen.

Enter:  Costco!

Y’all know how much I love Costco! Well, they’ve done it again! They got a bunch of costumes in early and they are SO CHEAP!!! I’m talking $13.99 for a princess costume with little accessories (necklace, tiara, etc.). We took our girls and let them pick out costumes – Elsa and Anna (from Disney’s Frozen). We were out the door for right at $30, including tax!

You guys, I’m floored! That’s cheaper than second-hand costumes on Amazon or even the cheapy-type costumes at Party City! And they’re brand new with accessories!

Now the hard part is going to be keeping the girls from wearing them until Halloween (because I already know they’d lose the accessories and it would be a huge ordeal to a threenager). But just in case anyone else is starting to think about Halloween costumes – get on the ball now! Costco gets them in early, but they also don’t restock so once the costumes are gone there’s no more.

Have you started thinking about Halloween yet? How do you save money on Halloween costumes?

Happy Halloween…


So what’d I dress up as?

Um. Nothing.

We got home from dinner with my husband’s family too late (and by late, I mean 9:00 p.m.) to dress up for the party at my brother’s house. Baby boy was sleeping in his car seat and we didn’t have the heart to wake him, dress him, and go out.

Oh how times have changed in the last 3 months.

What were we going as? Baby boy was dressing as Winnie the Pooh. Hubby was going to wear some old too small golf shorts, high socks, and hat as Christopher Robin. I was going to be … uh.. Judge Judy. I’m a HUGE Judge Judy fan and we have Chris’ college graduation robe, doilies, and a wig from my grandma. Free, free, free is the theme I was going for.

Oh well. There’s always next year. Maybe I can get hubby to sport the outfit for photos anyway.

The WORST Amusement Park Ride EVER!


I decided to try out one of those silly ‘Frightmare’ type amusement park rides last night. The ride had all the typical ‘scary’ things like monsters, ghosts, etc. Like the majority of Halloween rides, they save the most terrifying things for last. The monsters and ghosts disappeared, everything went black and then the room lit up with charge cards, FICO scores, and collections signs flashing. Mortgage lenders in suits with warped faces filled the air with terrifying laughs. Everyone started screaming – including me. I asked the guy running the ride to please let me off and he shut the whole thing down so I could get unbuckled.

I was petrified.

Then I woke up with a gasp.

That’s what I get for reading ‘Smart Money’ magazine before bed.

Halloween Costume Ideas…


Each year, my brother throws a Halloween party. It’s always a small fun gathering of close friends playing silly games and passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. Hence my dilemma…

I’ve never been one to purchase a costume for Halloween. #1 – They are too expensive and more importantly #2 – they never seem to have enough fabric for my taste. I prefer my…um… lady parts to be properly covered and Halloween costumes at the stores generally… uh… make ladies look like prostitutes.

In the past, I’ve thrown together costumes by combining my wardrobe and a few cheap items.

The year the film 300 was released, I made a toga from off-white fabric on the clearance rack.

One year, I was a kickboxer. I was training in a boxing gym so I wore my kickboxing shorts, a tank top, and my hand wraps. I blacked out a tooth for good measure.

When my mom and I took cooking classes that required uniforms, I went as a professional baker.

I’m not the most creative person.

This year, I’m all out of ideas. I could go as a frumpy, harried, broke mom – but I’d prefer to at least have to change my clothes.

Share your good adult (and kid) costume ideas. Let’s help each other save some money on costumes!