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A Different Perspective


I posted several weeks ago about my Glamping Budget expectations, but I have been putting some thought into it think I want to change my perspective.  Before you jump down my throat, hear me out.

I wrote the budget anticipating income from two part time jobs, a small amount from child support and adoption assistance for the twins.  But two things, one of my part time jobs has thusfar been unreliable in producing hours (like 3 weeks with no hours) and two part of this move is to let me get on my feet, build a consulting business and save for the future.

So, since our overhead is going to be SUPER low, I have been thinking that I should budget my percentage rather than by actual number.  Ok, I don’t actually have a plan yet, but what are your thoughts.

It would look something like this I suppose and as any income came in it would be divided up based on these percentages.

Saving – 35%

Debt – 35%

Living – 20%

Giving – 10%

A little more of my thoughts on this:

Saving – when our Glamping time is over, I have to have a substantial amount of money to get us into something new, whatever and wherever that may be, having this savings is very important.

Debt – obviously need to pay off debt, big time!  So don’t want to slow down on that, but this would balance paying on debt with saving, and using percentages would leave no question of what to do on months I earn more, which I hope will come soon.

Living – In an ideal world, I think you are supposed to be able to live on 30-40% of your income, right?  Because our rent/utilities are going to be covered for the time being, I think we can live on significantly less, in fact, I’m wondering if we could live on less than 20%, but this seems safe for now.

Giving – I know many would say don’t give in the situation you are in, but frankly, we have been given so, so much that I cannot, cannot NOT give, so this is staying.

So with my regular income the last few months being right around $2,000 per month that would break down as:

Saving – $700

Debt – $700

Living – $400

Giving – $200

Breaking things down this way, really tell me I have got to get more work!  But aside from that, what are your thoughts on budgeting by percentage rather than by actual number? 


The other side of giving…


This week, I experienced a tremendous amount of unexpected generosity (special thanks to my sisters, my sister’s mother-in-law, and my sister-in-laws. You all know how awesome you are). We haven’t even made it to the baby shower yet and I have received more than my fair share of overflowing kindness.

I’ve been so focused on learning to accept the help of others, I sort of missed that giving is an area in which I am sorely lacking.

Yes. I give a percentage of my salary to charity. It isn’t from the kindness of my heart; it’s simply something my parents have told me to do. Something I do out of obligation.

I am missing a genuinely giving heart.

Of course, spending nearly the last 3 years focused on paying off debt, holding on to every penny, hasn’t helped strengthen my giving muscles. I have only clenched my fist more tightly to what I have. Yes, I need to focus on my debts, but I also need to share some of what I have with others in need. I simply didn’t realize how important this quality was until I was the one needing help.

I finally get what Dave Ramsey means when he says, ‘…So later you can give like no one else’