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Failed Plans – Spring Volleyball Season


I can’t remember when I wrote about my barter arrangement with Princess select volleyball team from this past spring. Essentially, I took over their website and communications at the beginning of the summer. In exchange, she was to be able to play for free this coming spring – a $1,000 value. Score!

In addition, they agreed to let us create a “satellite” team here locally and play under their organization. This would save the twice or more weekly, 2 hour round trips for her to practice. Again, score!

About a month ago, I began pestering for details, etc. so we could get started here: parent meetings, skills clinics and then tryouts. My goal was to create two teams, a middle school age team (there is no volleyball at the middle school so they get to high school with no experience,) and a high school age team.

Shutting Down

This week, via text message, the director let me know that they decided to shutdown and would no longer be running the volleyball organization. I was in shock and so angry! No notice, no explanation.

I exchange a few text messages with the director, which is the person I did all the original negotiating with, and although kind, she didn’t really care about their commitment to me or the kids here. They are funneling all the local girls into an Upward sports program.

She did reach out to the director of another select volleyball club and he was willing to work with me, but the requirements were not what I needed to make this work in our impoverished area. And the time frame he needed them, just wasn’t feasible for me. Ugh! This week, I had to thank him and turn him down.

Now I have to figure out some way to allow my daughter and the many families I have already spoken with at least continue training for volleyball if I can’t pull something together for actually have competitive teams.

Mulling Over Ideas

I am grateful that I now have complete control over the concept. I can control the costs a bit more. But I have to get the set up right to be able to eventually participate with other select teams. That means we need non-profit status to be able to get sponsors. I will need to work on finding practice spaces, coaches and so on. And somehow do it so that I protect myself liability wise. Yikes!

Have any BAD readers ever had a part in setting up a select volleyball club? What about with a shoestring budget? Or really no budget?

These are my ideas:

  1. Start our own club.
  2. Find a team for Princess to play out (closest ones are close to an hour away.)
  3. Get in touch with local college which does have a volleyball team and see if we can just do some skills clinics with some of their players/coaches.
  4. A combination of 1 & 3. We could use #3 as a fundraising and kind of skills funnel or tryouts and then with #1 maybe hit a couple of tournaments but not a full season in the spring.
  5. Give up completely and just cry.

I am grateful for my administrative and web skills right now. I can handle the administrative side of this with ease. But I definitely need some community resources to pull this off, especially this first year with no money and limited resources in our community.

As much as I want to go with option #5 right now. I think option #4 is the best bet for my daughter and this community. We do not have any competition so I know the kids will be interested, I just have to find a way to manage the costs. I don’t want a $1,000 price tag to keep these kids was this. (And frankly, I can’t afford a $1,000 price tag right now either nor do I want to.)

Any words of wisdom you can offer would be greatly appreciated? Any experience in forming this type of grassroots, starting from scratch organization? I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.

Money Failure…


Through careful Craigslist shopping, my husband and I have been able to purchase almost all the items we need to furnish the baby’s room. I went out to the garage, saw the neat stack of used furniture, and broke into tears. Rather than see brand new furniture boxes with happy baby photos on the front as I had always imagined, I saw “someone else’s stuff.”

I felt like I had failed all my picket fence dreams.

Several of my friends are having babies and they share their stories of shopping for furniture at pricey stores and picking out themes. Meanwhile, my ‘theme’ is – buy study wood furniture that matches… sort of. Don’t get me wrong, it will look great and I’ll spend 90% less than my friends, but I couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed that I spend my weekends at garage sales and traipsing through people’s homes asking for deals.

Yesterday morning, the head of HR stopped to chat. He and his wife are expecting their third… and ‘very, very, unexpectedly, accidental’ child. They have to start over on purchasing baby goods and he mentioned the ‘killer deal’ he got on a crib from Craigslist.

I choked on my caffeine-free tea. ‘What?!?’ I gasped, trying to take a breath.

Keep in mind, this guy makes well over 100K a year.

“Yeah, it’s great. Why should I take the hit on retail? Let some other sucker pay it” he said with a huge grin. He saw the shock register on my face, grabbed my arm, and said, “Oh my gosh Rebekah. Please don’t tell me you bought something new right? It’s such a rip off!” he said.

“No. The room is furnished thanks to Craigslist and garage sales” I said.

“Thank goodness! I knew you were smarter than that” and he continued to chat away.

Do you even know what a relief it was to hear that – especially from someone who can afford nice things? I was flying high finally thinking I hadn’t failed, I’d simply been smart about my finances… for once.

All the furniture is paid for with cash. I guess I do have a theme…

Financial Responsibility.