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Bad Decisions?


After my not so nice request to my employer to please stop contacting me while on maternity leave, I experienced a wonderful time of peace and quiet.

That didn’t last long.

On Wednesday, the calls, e-mails, and texting started again.

Maternity leave is great, but keeping my job is important – especially since I use my paycheck to pay my mortgage and pay down debt.

Sure, I understand that they can’t legally fire me for turning off my phone while on disability, but I’m a bit concerned about what will happen AFTER I return to work. You can bet my employer will remember I ignored calls.

All day Wednesday, as the calls came one after the other and I pressed the ‘ignore’ button on my phone, I told myself I deserved just one more day of quiet. I’d get to them on Thursday.

Thursday morning, I woke up to more voicemails and decided…

I’m not going to return any more calls while out on leave.

Bad decision financially? Maybe.

But I only get to spend a few precious moments with my newborn son – and I’m going to enjoy every single one.

Big News…


Our finances have taken another crazy turn. Remember when I said we were going to pay everything off by early/mid 2011?

That was before November 10th.

What changed on November 10th?

We found out about my July 2011 hospital stay…

To have our first baby.

I’m so sorry not to have told you earlier. I wanted to wait until the promotion/raise was settled. The very last thing I wanted to have hanging over my head at the negotiating table was my impending short term disability. Then after the promotion, I didn’t want to say, ‘Hey, thanks for the promotion. Can we talk about temps now? Cause I’m preggo.’

So how will this change things for our debt? We decided to pay regular payments in December and January but after that, we’re pushing the pause button on our debt reduction and stashing cash.

After the baby is born, we are hoping to have enough left over to pay one big payment and kill our remaining debt.

How will the blog change? The most important part, I’ll still work to reduce spending, save money, and smile while doing it. I’ll have a counter that has the amount in our savings. Our debt will stay fairly stagnant but our savings will grow leaps and bounds.

I hope you’ll stay to read the journey. The next five or so months will be an interesting ride.

I am sooooooo very excited.