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Paid in Full – Personal Loan #1


Woot, woot! As of this morning, my Personal Loan #1 has been PAID IN FULL! It would have been completed yesterday, but there are send limits with Zelle so I had to split up the payments I was making between different days.

Boy this feels good!

This loan was from a friend last fall in the amount of $2,500. And now it’s paid off.

Personal Loan #2 in the same amount loaned at the same time will be paid in full next month.

I talked to my Dad and told him I would start paying him after these were paid off and he told me to take care of my interest bearing debt first. So I’m going to change my game plan for the fall and winter.

Goals to Pay Consumer Debt:

August – Personal Loan #2

October – CC Wander

November – CC Amazon

January – Dad (new heater for my house in January)

February – CC Frontier

More Realistic

I feel like this is a more realistic plan. And the only thing that might be able to expedite it is if my current large contract goes full time. (We are in talks for this; however, the company needs to grow a bit more before the owner is willing to make that commitment.)  The great thing is that we are at the end of the initial 6 month period and no end planned.

Life is good. I am so grateful for that.


Warranty Extension on my Hearing Aids?


I’ve had my hearing aids for 3 years this month. And I just received notice that my full coverage warranty will expire at the end of the month along with an offer to renew the warranty.

In the past, I’ve always declined extended warranty offers. And I don’t know how much it would cost to extend this one. But I’m going to find out.

I’ve had to use the warranty twice now. Once because my hearing aids would just randomly shut off, so I essentially got a new pair. And then a couple of weeks ago, they sent my left ear hearing aid out for repair because the battery dies before the end of a day a several hours before the right.

Do you know how awkward it feels to just have hearing in one ear? I was a mess all week because of it. (Another reason, I don’t leave my house to often and rarely if I’m going to have to interact with anyone.)

Anyways, I’ve set up an appointment for mid-July to get my hearing checked again. It’s gotten significantly worse, I and my kids can definitely tell that. Even with my hearing aids, I struggle to hear people in person. Yes, even when we are the only people in the room and no background noise. It’s pretty bad.

The good thing about my hearing aids is that they are bluetooth, so work well with my phone and work gear. And the kids and I are exploring other aids we can add to the house to help. We are looking at things like doorbells that flash lights (although my dogs work pretty well as a door bell and alarm system). And also exploring all the accessibility options on my iPhone. We are considering water sensors in the bathrooms since I can’t hear water running and dripping.

Not rushing into anything, but we are preparing for the time I am truly living alone. (Beauty still being here has really been a blessing.)

Short story long, on July 12th I will find out the cost of extending my warranty and an update on my hearing. I will keep you posted. And would love your thoughts on warranty extension for something critical for not only my quality of life and my ability to succeed at work…my hearing aids.