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Does Everything Come in 3s, Part II


In my last post, I mentioned that our dryer is now dead. I am still waiting to hear from the possibly handyman and History Buff is scouring his workplace for good deals/clearance dryers that might get me a better price, delivery and a warranty. Thank God for a hefty emergency fund, I don’t have to worry about the cost of this issue.

But the same day that my dryer died, I woke up to an email from Upwork indicating a client had done a chargeback on the 3 payments they made to me this summer (last payment was June, I believe.) So Upwork was 1) removing that money from my account and 2) asked that if I wanted to fight it I write them back. Believe me, I wrote them back!

This is the first time EVERY I have had a client pay me and then dispute it. Especially one that I completed the work for…a brand new website for a brand new business.

Project Background

I got this client via Upwork. I was hired to create a brand new website and he was going to provide all the content – copy, images and videos. I gave him a great price because this is a super simple, straightforward project. Or so it seemed…

It should have taken a week, maybe two. I completed the site within a week of receiving all the documents.

Round 1 of revisions. Okay, no problem.

Round 2 of revisions. Understandable and not atypical.

Round 3 of revisions. “Thank you for all the great advice and extra work, I definitely want to compensate you for your time.”

Round 4…5…6.

He wanted to change colors, fonts, videos…he wanted me to edit videos. He wanted images switched, new testimonials added…and on and on. It took months of back and forth.

Then he wanted more…set up a CRM for me, create a lead magnet and no on. I finally put my foot down because these were outside of the scope of work.

By this time, he had approved all the work and paid me in three separate payments based on milestones I had set at the beginning of the project.

Then after all that, he filed a complaint with Upwork. And he wanted me to refund him monies because he hired someone else to edit videos and on and on.

The dispute was closed after over a month of mediation and no action was taken.

Fast forward over a month, maybe closer to 6 weeks.


And this morning I receive a notice that even thought he willingly released payment to me on 3 separate occasions. Even though I have text messages and emails of him saying how much he loved the site. And even though we spent over a month in mediation. He’s still trying to get my work for free…

And as of now, he succeeded…

I did write back, attached text messages of his “thrill” with the work done including him stating he was paying me, etc.

And Upwork has said that they will file the dispute but it could take up to 45 days. Meanwhile, they will take the money from my pay account…

Oh, and let me tell you the best part…I went to look at the site. He has taken it down. Like completely, not even redirected the URL. But a quick Google search of his name and the business type…I found his new domain name. And it has the website I created, same branding, everything.

I submitted the information with the dispute and I am praying they find in my favor. So we will see…

Now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop…2 crisis in one day. Praying there is not a third.


Does Everything Come in 3s, Part I


I am sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop. Do all bad things come in 3s? Is that the superstition?

First, trouble…I woke up this morning to a broken dryer. And it was quickly followed by another financial hit. (Details in the next post.)

A Dryer is Necessary

We kind of knew the dryer was going. I had the belt replaced a year or so ago while it was still under warranty. And Sea Cadet took part of the back apart and cleaned it out real good and replaced a few minor things a few weeks ago when it stopped drying very well. But in the last couple of days, it had begun shutting off during drying cycles, making noises, etc.

I bought it used when we first moved in here so 3 1/2 years ago. So I’m not really sure how old it is. But I imagine it is finally time for a new one. Unfortunately, the reputable place/man I purchased our current set from has died and his business closed.

Ugh! I’m willing to go about a week without one while I search for a used one from a reputable place. But I did a quick search on HomeDepot.com this morning to get an idea of new costs.

I know the BAD community will not like this, but I will only buy one from a business that offers some sort of warranty and delivery. I am not handy and do not want to deal with a “lemon” or the logistics/back pain installing one would cause me.

So wish me luck. I’m going to the local laundry mat today to see what services they offer and cost as we had a load in the dryer when it died. (I have been able to get it running a couple of times since it quit, but I am now sincerely worried about the fire hazard so am not pursuing that anymore. I’ve unplugged it and have the fire extinguisher sitting right by the laundry room door a as a precaution.)

Update: After I wrote this I receive a recommendation for a handyman who might fix dryers. I’ve put in a call and am waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, I’ve told the kids to plan for at least a week with no dryer.



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