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Totaled Car but So Grateful


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post regarding my New Debt and New Car, we have gone just at 8 weeks with one car. It has been hard, but we made it through and no one missed any commitments or activities or work!

Sea Cadet got up most mornings and took me to work, and then returned to pick me up. We were able to borrow my Grandmother’s car most evenings when Gymnast had practice, and I was able to find a steady ride Princess to youth group (when Sea Cadet is in class and I am an hour away with Gymnast.) You can see, it’s been a bit of a juggling act.

Needless to say, we were all really grateful when we unloaded our new to us car from my Uncle’s trailer Saturday morning on our way to drop Gymnast at practice. But within minutes of his drop off, that all changed…

1996 Honda Accord

Sea Cadet ran head on into a car turning left. It was his fault. The car is no longer driveable. Thankfully, both drivers (no passengers) walked away with very minor injuries, nothing broken. It could have been ALOT worse. Princess and I were right behind him when it occurred. I am so glad he didn’t have to go through what can be a very scary process alone.

His car is totaled, but we did not carry comprehensive insurance on it, so there is no replacement help. Thankfully it was paid off. (Our liability insurance will take care of the other driver’s damage and medical, thank goodness for good insurance. Thanks, USAA!)

Once again, we are back down to one car. But I am so grateful that this wreck was not worse! This will definitely have financially implications, but haven’t had time to wrap my head around them all yet. Right now, just figuring out how to get him to all his obligations as I am not quite ready to turn over my new car to him.



My Absence


I apologize for my absence these past weeks. And I hate to say, I may be absent for a few more. Life has come flooding back like a tidal wave after months of trials and despair. And while it hasn’t all been candy and flowers, lots of good things happening.

I have two very steady clients now that are giving me more than full time hours, sometimes closer to double full time. The pay is decent if not great, and I am working like a crazy person. All contract work, but no end in site and have been given more responsibilities and hours on both sides a couple of times. Good news.

We have finished out the softball season for Princess and volleyball season for Princess, Gymnast and Sea Cadet. A blast was had by all, but I am definitely ready for a break from the busy-ness. We start swim on Monday for all four, but that doesn’t take quite as much out of me and I can work while they practice an hour daily. I was able to barter for our pool membership this year, but do have to pay for the swim team. But I think it’s worth it since it is literally three months of daily fun and exercise. Cost $215 for all four to be on the time.

Car wreck, my fault – ack! It was very disheartening, just when things seemed to be turning around for us and now I have to come up with a $1000 deductible. Everyone is fine and the car is driveable. So I’m putting it off for a short while to get a bit more financially stable. I don’t carry rental coverage, so we will be down to one car when I put it in the shop, so trying to make wise decisions there.

Short trip. We made a short trip to meet up with my parents in GA and visit my grandmother. My dad paid for my gas and provided food for us while we were there, so financially it was not a burden. And it was good for the kids to see their grandparents.

Housing is going well, it’s a lot like living at summer camp. I am so grateful for the blessing and working hard to make the most of it financially.

Lets of other changes happening in our lives, some harder than others. I am truly focused on work, lots and lots of work right now. So I will try to keep up with weekly posts, but no promises just yet. Really trying to stay focused, not worry about what is coming next and save, save, save.

Thanks for your understanding and patience with me. I truly appreciate the support of the BAD community.

Bumpy Waters and The Next Chapter


I have no debt update this month because frankly it’s bleak and depressing and I just don’t want to think about it right now.  We are still on track to close on the sale of the house in less than 10 days and then my parents will arrive for a week long visit with us a week after that…I’m praying that things will go smoothly with this and that there is money available to me from the sale of the house, but no further mention has been made.  I continue to have to put little bits of money into the old house with additional small repairs based on the inspection report and the ongoing utility costs until it closes.

I am still driving a rental car from the accident three weeks ago.  On two separate occasions they have said it would be done, was done and it was not.  It’s really fine, since we do have something that suits our needs to get around, but I do feel like I’m in a holding pattern.

After the wreck, my back was quite sore.  I hoped for the first few days that it would calm down on it’s own believing it to be muscle strain and nothing else.  But the Tuesday (after the Wednesday wreck,) I broke down and went to the doctor.  They did x-rays, etc. and luckily found no degenerative issues which is what they suspected might have been aggravated by the wreck, but as a result I have been at the doctors 3 times a week for a couple of hours at a time. Just this week, I am relatively pain free and today they gave me exercises to do to help continue my recovery.  I do not like going to doctors and I do not like having physical limitations…at all!

Needless to say, with these “extra” things added to an already full life…well, it’s left little time for anything else.  But I have begun/continued dreaming, considering and thinking about what the next step in our life will be.  As great as the idea of small space living is…well, the reality is pretty hard.  (I am working on a series for my personal blog on this, I will post some links when I put it up since several have asked about it.)  Or maybe our space is just a bit too small for the 9 of us and our lifestyle.  If I worked outside the home and/or the kids went to traditional school, well, it might work more easily, but that’s not our reality.

So where do we go from here…as early as May of this year I was pretty certain that I would not move forward with buying the house from my dad.  Now don’t go back and say I lied…it was a decision in my head but not something I was ready to set in stone with anyone else and frankly if there had been a way to purchase the house in a timely fashion, I would have pursued it first.  But I did start to explore other housing options with an eye on my debt reduction…you can see a post I wrote hinting toward that end here on my personal blog.

Since that time, I have continued to look for a way to stay in this area, but to be able to have housing that costs significantly less than the going rate (this is a very expensive place to live.)  So I think I’ve found a solution and to that end, I have a meeting with some architects/designers next week.  After that meeting I will post additional details.  This is not something that will deter my debt reduction schedule and certainly not something that would happen quickly; although my hope is that we can move from our tiny space at the end of our year lease.

On the flip side of that, and the most effective way to get out of debt is to increase a person’s income.  Two things have come up in this regard…1) all the retail stores are hiring for holiday help.  I’m considering picking up a part time job with that in mind.  With the later hours that retail keeps in comparison to my previous part time job, this might be a viable option for me, but again not a done deal yet.  2) I have decided to begin applying for corporate work again.  I’ve been out of the corporate world for 8 years now, and I love my life.  And frankly, I’m not sure corporate is the right way to go.  But what the big idea is…well, I need to be open, completely open to what is to come next for us.

I feel like a failure.  I’ve slid backward with my debt due to this housing debacle.  My kids  no longer have the “stable” home they had for the past four years.  And I’m doubting myself at every single turn.  But what I do know is that 1) not buying the house from my dad was the best long term decision financially and 2) God has a plan, and while I seem to really stink at making decisions, if I lean on Him, that plan will come to fruition.  (I know this is not a religious blog and I’m sorry if my God references offends anyone, but frankly, right now, I don’t trust myself with the big decisions so I’m really, truly just trying to open my mind and my heart to whatever comes next.)

Blog posts coming soon from me…a new monthly budget (post house sale when I don’t have extra utilities to pay,) medical insurance (someone mentioned this in  a comment once and we’re going with something new starting Dec 1 so thought I would share,) small space survival skills (I will post this mostly on my personal blog but will put some posts here with regards to the financial aspects.)  Sorry, I missed last week, the bumpy waters have limited my “free” time.

A Wrecked Car, Constant Reminders and a Popper


I am excited for the three-day weekend. It’s a bit cold here in Michigan but at least the sun is shining. I have been very anxious to get out my fishing pole this year and I think a family picnic/fishing outing is in our future for this weekend.

Here are a few links I found interesting this week:

Jesse is dealing with a wrecked car. He gives some tips that I sure could have used when I had a car accident.

Glblguy talks about using constant reminders to help you keep focused. I have a few of them. My desk is surrounded by pictures of my family and I have a excerpt from a book that I always have in my wallet.

Lastly, this has absolutely nothing to do with personal finance. But it sure made me smile last night when I saw it on TV so I thought I would share: YouTube Video of Robert Muraine. A-ma-zing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!