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Car Registration…


I received my husband’s registration for his truck in the mail yesterday. I noticed it looked a bit naked, the registration had a big empty white space.

Curious, I took a second look and noticed the void was a representation of our new debt free way of living.

Yup, the ‘Lender Information’ section was bare for the first time since we’ve been married. Heck, for the first time EVER.

We paid off his truck in July and seeing that big empty space brought back the same feelings I experienced the day I mailed the final check. I received two reminders since then that my fight with debt is ending. The pink slip made me giggly and the registration nearly made me cry.

Debt has haunted me, but I’m finally starting to clear the ghosts out of the closet.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

Financial Injury Report… Part II…


When it comes to cars, I have a poor track record.

Sure I get my oil changes, my tires rotated, and every once in a while, I’ll throw in a radiator flush when the service guy nags me enough, but that’s pretty much where it ends.

I’m more of a reckless, fix it when it makes weird noises kind of gal.

This always worked when I was in college – but maybe that’s because dad was always there to ‘borrow’ my car and bring it back a few days later after he paid a mechanic to clean up my mess.

After I graduated, I bought a new car and with that, bought myself out of any service requirements for at least 50,000 miles (in my mind anyway).

Unfortunately for me (and VERY fortunate for my car), my husband believes in regular maintenance. Both our cars hit 60,000 miles this month and he scheduled maintenance on his truck this month and mine next month.

He worked with a family friend and was able to get the service done for $300. As I was figuring out where to pull the $300 from in our budget, the lovely state of California sent his truck registration bill of $295 – the fee unexpectedly raised yet again from last year (Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger).

My husband and I were both able to work some odd jobs this month – thank goodness! – and should have most of it covered. But this week is turning out to be one expensive week!