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Labor Day!


Hubby, Baby Boy, and I went to spend the day at my parent’s house for Labor Day. My sister and her family came over as well as my sister-in-law and her kiddos (her husband/my brother has been shipped out to fight another fire).There is always something so relaxing about the craziness of that house. We all seem to yell *cough* talk over one another while pots and pans bang in the kitchen as dinner is being prepared. We spent a good portion of the meal prep talking about the free workout, the Butt Bible, available on our cable network. All of us are too frugal to have gym memberships so we compare notes on any free workouts. Considering the fact that all us girls could hardly walk without wincing in pain, we gave it a thumbs up.

After dinner and dishes were done, gramps and I watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians. OK, so maybe he wasn’t watching. He was chatting about his recent trip to visit our family in Washington state. Hmmm. Great idea for a future cheap vacation?

Before leaving, I robbed grandma of all her garden grown veggies and a loaf of fresh baked zucchini bread. One less trip to the grocery store!