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Craigslist Adventure


The quest for a vacuum cleaner via Craigslist continued today.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to find a vacuum cleaner on Craigslist and I wasn’t having much luck.  They were selling quicker than I could contact the seller until today.  I found one that looked like a good fit and after a few text messages back and forth I met the seller to check out the vacuum.  The vacuum was close to new just as she described and at first glance…it looked to be a great deal.  I removed the canister just to take a quick, closer look and even before I removed it…I was overwhelmed by the smell of smoke.   The seller confirmed she was a smoker and I had to decline the purchase.

I am really such a logical thinker that it really does not occur to me to even ask if someone is a smoker.  That may be very naive but my black and white brain says if the overwhelming evidence says something is bad for your health…you stop doing it.  Smoking simply does not compute to me…so I didn’t even think to ask her if she smoked until I smelled it.  She was so kind and offered to clean it out and air it out as much as she could…but I had to decline.  After almost 2 weeks of Craigslist searching and a carpet growing more and more frightening…I left our meeting and went to Target.

I really did give this an honest chance.  I must have contacted 7 or 8 sellers only to learn that the vacuum was already sold.  Then today’s adventure yielded an “A-Ha!” moment and that’s okay.  I ended up spending less than planned at Target with a sale item as well as the 5% discount we get by using our Target Red Card (as a debit tied to our checking account).  Total cash spent:  $46.

Now I need to keep in mind that carrying massive loads of debt is also BAD for your health!  That helps me understand the very legit reactions many of you have to my debt!

I’m off to vacuum!