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Raise in Minimum Wage


I’m coming to ask for the collective wisdom from the BAD community regarding the latest news on the minimum wage. You can read an article HERE posted by NBC regarding the gradual increase of the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

This news led to an interesting discussion with Gymnast last night at dinner. Who knew my 14 year old was paying much attention to the economic news. (Of course, he is determined that his future is going to be in the upper echelons of financial success so maybe this attention makes sense.)


Gymnast at dinner last evening as we discussed economics and life. And savings and work ethic.

What does the Increase in Minimum Wage Mean?

We talked about how the minimum wage increase will lead to higher costs. We walked about the burden on small business owners. And we talked about the differences between state laws and federal laws.

I was very ill-prepared for this kind of conversation. And I felt like coming to this community of very smart and financially literal people might help me contribute to his knowledge more appropriately then my stumbling and bumbling thoughts this evening.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on the Increase to Minimum Wage? What do you think about the plan to implement it? What do you think about the current minimum wage in your state? I looked up Georgia’s…if a worker is not protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) the minimum wage is $5.15. Yikes!

I’m not sure how I feel. I understand the need, in some cases, for a minimum wage. But on the other hand, I am one who believes that most anyone can be anything they want to be. If someone wants to make more money, they can get educated on skills, work hard to move up, seek mentors that will assist them in growing their potential, etc.

As a small business owner, I can see the burden that a nearly doubled minimum wage can place on businesses. And see how that can force an increase on the cost of goods.

Now please, share with me your thoughts on the minimum wage increase and what we can expect to see as the result.

In Defense of Debt…


I was reading the March 15th issue of Time magazine and stumbled across Zachary Karabell’s article, ‘In Defense of Debt.’ The tag line under the title read, ‘Paying off what we owe seems prudent. But it could also wreck America’s economic future.’


I read the article and tried to give Mr. Karabell’s thoughts an open mind – then quickly dismissed his ideology as completely irrational.

My favorite quotes were:

“Even with the U.S. economy weak, the dollar remains one of the few truly safe havens, and that means interest rates could stay low for a very long time, which in turn means that our debts – however big – can be managed.”


“Obsessing about the debt is a distraction we can’t afford.”

And my personal favorite…

“The problem isn’t how much debt we’re carrying today; it’s whether the economy of tomorrow will be able to justify it.”

When I searched to link the article to this post, I found a follow up article by Mr. Karabell defending his position once more after a less than positive response from Time readers. He said, ‘People don’t see straight when discussing this issue.’

Based on the overwhelmingly disapproving response, it’s Mr. Karabell who may not ‘see straight when discussing this issue.’

I’d recommend reading the Time article… just for the reader comments at the end.