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Relocation Expense vs Signing Bonus


In my defense I haven’t sought a new “job” in almost 14 years.  I’ve written before about how off my resume was at the beginning of this one and Faye from LeapofFaye.com jumped in and saved the day.  And really, truly it was saving the day…I think to date I’ve had 8 first interviews for what I thought were ideal jobs.  I count myself blessed with every single call I get from an application or recruiter.

But now I think, rather hope, I am coming to the end of several application processes…multiple interviews done, references checked and reviewed,  interviews with CTOs done…etc. etc.  What I haven’t been prepared for were questions regarding “What do you expect?”

I mean I’m good with my salary requirements question…and throwing in the request for a full benefits package, that’s coming pretty naturally.  The thought of a paid day off, a paid vacation, well, that’s what dreams are made of!

But what other requirements do I have…and thus we come to Relocation Expenses vs Signing Bonus.  I’ve pretty much been clear with companies that if I need to relocate…well, they have to pay for it.  And then I was told this…

  1. Relocation Express – A budget is set at the beginning of the process, but I have to cover the costs upfront and then be reimbursed.
  2. Signing Bonus – Paid up front but taxed upfront, possibly at a high tax bracket?

So my question…what are your thoughts, have any words of wisdom for me on this front?

Relocation Expenses vs Signing Bonus – which would you choose? Pros and cons of each?  Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated!

Dave Ramsey Motivation – New Income Streams


Earlier this year I wrote about opening up some additional revenue streams and taking me out of the mix.  Well, I am excited to announce that I have successfully done one of the two (not the way I had originally hope, but that’s still on the horizon.)  I mentioned earlier that I had volunteered to start teaching a couple of classes for our homeschool co op.  We don’t have a computer teacher, and I certainly qualify for that, and the increasing costs of having four kids in co op classes about made me choke this year.  So I signed up and was accepted and now will be teaching two classes this fall.  Great!  That should cover all four kids’ tuition.

But as I’ve continually been seeking other ways to make more money…I applied to teach the same classes online.  And as of yesterday I was hired!!!!  So I will be teaching one class this summer and then two in the fall.  Yeah!  So I’m doubling my “teaching” income and only having to create one set of classes.  This kind of feels like deja vu since I know Ashley just wrote about doing the same thing.

I can’t say just how much money I will make with these two new sides gigs (in addition to this new job and this new job,) as I get paid by the student.    But I’m hoping it will be enough to cover the kids’ co op tuition and help speed up the Student Loan debt that I will be laser focused on when these two jobs start.

Okay, the reason for the title…I read this article I stumbled upon recently stating 5 6 things Dave Ramsey said you should do to get financial freedom and then voila this happened.  So I think that type of thinking being in my brain has helped me ferret out any and all new possibilities.

Ok, one more thing, hoping to pre-empt some questions…

How am I going to continue to homeschool my kids if I keep committing to more work? 

I hope to spend the summer prepping for the classes.  I only teach 1 hour per week and then grade projects for each class.  So if I have my lesson plans and projects all ready, I am hoping that each class will take no more then 3-4 hours per week. Thus the desire for the littles, in particular, to do some extra camps this summer so I get plenty of time to focus!

What about your existing clients?  How will this affect your work with them?

With the one client that I have dedicated hours for, I have already cleared the actual “teaching” time with them so they know I won’t be available during those hours. Since it’s max of 1 hour per day for teaching, it really just like requesting a regular lunch hour. And the grading, etc. I can do anytime, even weekends when needed so won’t bump into regular working hours.

Hope this helps.  I am pretty excited about this new side to my “career” since I’ve been doing technical training for clients for over a decades now, eek, can’t believe I can honestly say decade…and homeschooling for 6 years, I think I am ready to take this on!