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How Much We Make – Update


Now that my husband is working a few more hours and one of my part-time jobs is gearing up, I feel pretty safe in updating our income. I also have a raise due from my full-time job in July, but I will count that after it is a done deal.

As of right now, it is safe to say my husband and I are making $45,000/year, an increase of $5,000. I doubt our 2006 income will reach that (because my husband will be reducing his hours and/or quitting his job at some point this year), but as of right now that is what we make.

I am excited to have some more income coming our way. That means more can go towards debt 🙂

From $23,225.04 to $657.60


The balance on Credit Card #2 when I started blogging in February:

And here’s today’s balance!

A lot of it is due to shifting balances around, but it is still so nice to see that credit card almost paid off 🙂