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A Change for Blogging Away Debt


After thinking about this for a while, I’ve decided to focus on one aspect of my debt – CREDIT CARDS!!

I will still mention information about other types of debt that I feel are great to share – but for the actual reporting of my debt I will stick to credit cards. I’ve noticed that the monthly changes to my mortage and school loan debt is very minimal. In fact, my mortgage only reduced by about $20 a month.

I’ve set up my Quicken program to give a report on just my credit cards. I will say it over and over again how much I love Quicken!

I have to thank Seattle Simplicity for giving me the suggestion of including the interest rates on my credit cards. So those are now included on my reports as well 🙂

I guess this is a good way for this blog to go because it seems like I’ve only been talking about my credit card debt. After all, it is costing me the most and it is the debt I would most like to see disappear.

Oh, and a March report will be posted shortly 😉

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2 Weeks to Get My Overpayment


Remember how I made a boo-boo and did a balance transer to the wrong credit card? Well, I tried to get a refund of that overpayment and it will take approximately 2 weeks to “verify” the payment and issue a refund. I’m not sure what they need to verify because it was an electronic funds transfer. But, my guess is that they just want to keep my money a little longer.

Boy, is my debt snapshot going to look funny for 3/31/06 – LOL!

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