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I was Shocked at the Responses


In my recent post regarding my decision not to buy a car, I was floored at the backlash and criticism. Not because it hurt my feelings, I’ve definitely gotten thicker skinned since writing here, but because I honestly hadn’t considered this a risk to Sea Cadet…didn’t even enter my mind.

He had offered to let me drive his car as long as I needed after he was gone for free. No rush to sell it, etc. I was the one who decided that me just driving it at no cost was not fair to him, so came up with the $100 plan. (KBB value is between $500-700.)

Decisions, decisions, decisions – but I will be patient and make the right one!

And as far as insurance goes, I put this in the comments of that post, but will address it here…both the twins and their cars are on my insurance. I never dropped insurance on myself, just on the totaled car, so I am fully covered when I drive their cars, as are their cars.

What to Do

But I did read your comments with an open mind…and am now I am wavering. Not in my decision to NOT buy a car, I am still committed to that. But in my thoughts are keeping his car longer than we need too.

Since you all have thoughts on this help me…here are the facts:

  • I am doing fine without a car. I have access to my grandmother’s most any time I want. And History Buff can pick up the slack (getting Princess places) when he is available.
  • I will need a car much more often from August until October because Princess will play volleyball; otherwise, very little need.
  • Sea Cadet is leaving at the end of this month. His car will be here, sitting, after August 2nd. (He and History Buff are driving up to VA after school is out and he will leave to CA from there. History Buff will bring his car back.)
  • I will be removing him as a driver on our insurance policy while he is gone. We have confirmed he will be covered by Americorps, so there will be no gap in coverage which we know we have to avoid.
  • I will be covering the insurance on his car until it is sold and am listed as a driver on his car on our policy.
  • The car is titled in his name. He has given me the title.
  • Our plan (discussed and decided on together) was originally that History Buff would sell his car, and then drive Sea Cadet’s car while he was gone. The reasoning behind this is that History Buff’s car is in much worse shape.
  • Sea Cadet rethought this original plan after observing how History Buff fails to take care of his own car. And decided that he would just like to sell it and save the money for when he returns toward another car.
  • When I totaled our car, Sea Cadet offered to just let me keep and drive his car as long as I needed to after he left. And then sell it.
  • (This is an assumption on my part.) I believe Sea Cadet is second guessing his decision to sell based on conversations I have had with him recently on how good of shape his car is in and how much life it has in it.
  • I believe I could move forward with selling Sea Cadet’s car in August. And make it through my busy driving months with my Grandmother’s car without issue. Thus relieving him of the liability of me driving a car titled in his name.
  • I really don’t want the expense of owning another car while I am paying for Sea Cadet’s car until it sells. (And I do not want to purchase his car, lots of reasons for this financial and otherwise.)

A couple more thoughts…

  • My #1 goal on the car front side is to purchase Princess a reliable car to drive with CASH come next summer when she gets her license. She will be driving to school her senior year. I truly do not mind not having a car at this point. (And can rent from a local Enterprise when needed.)
  • When my boyfriend moves here from Florida, we have already decided that we would consolidate down to one car…just a know plan in the back of my head as I consider car stuff. (No firm timeline on this, but earliest would be this fall but could easily be longer.)

Life has Come to a Screeching Halt


In addition to disputing my unemployment benefits claim, my most recent W2 job also failed to pay my last invoice, reimburse me for sub-contractor services AND I had to make several calls before I was paid for the PTO I had accrued.

On top of that, I called to move my 401K and was told as part of the plan a third party contracted by my W2 job had to review and approve the move and then the W2 job had to approve it before any action could be taken.  Neither the 3rd party or my W2 job has done anything about it, it’s been 8 days since I made the official request.

Now I know where that saying comes from “I’m so angry I could spit!” I made a final attempt yesterday to move all of this along with a call and follow up emails to their accountant/payroll person. I don’t know what good it will do but I tried.

In addition, the Department of Labor for the state of Georgia called to take my rebuttal statement on their denial of my benefits.  Evidently, the burden of proof is on my W2 job to prove what they say “she didn’t do her work” and they have thru today to prove their case.  I am confident in my stance and have copies of all the work files, etc. but I am just flabbergasted at being treated like this.

Moving Forward

I am moving forward on applying for jobs, have had several interviews and am working on a new website for my consultant business. But for the most part, life is at a standstill.  If I don’t receive the pay owed or begin receiving UI benefits, I will have to dip into my savings at the end of this week.  I’m so grateful for it, but I’m just mad!

In all my years of working with different companies I have never been treated like this. I have never had to argue with a payroll person that they didn’t pay me. She even said with me leaving, I gave up all my PTO…umm, not!  I’ve just never dealt with such an unethical company, and I do not know that I have any recourse. (Another girl who had been there for 7 years was let go a couple of weeks before me, and they made false statements about her UI benefits as well, so she has yet to receive them either.)

Groceries and Weight

We are pretty much in a no spend month which has not been too bad. We stocked the freezer with food in January so we have plenty of meat and so on.  Today I bought a large salad mix for $3.66, a carton of sliced mushrooms $1.28 and 2 avocados – $0.98 each. Not to bad for weekly groceries.

Probably the best thing out of all this is that I’m down 15 pounds without trying.  Side effect of the stress, I suppose.

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