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Week 2 of No Dining Out…


This week wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’ve been planning meals a week in advance and have been able to trim our unwieldy grocery budget. I go into the grocery store with a plan and stick to it! Well… except for the 99 cent bag of red licorice. We all have our vices.

This was the first week we had to expose our ‘no dining out’ policy to friends. Hmph.

My husband and I joined my brother and his wife while they searched for a new home. After a few hours of driving neighborhoods and meeting with realtors, we were starved. My brother drove down a fast food laden street and said, ‘Where do you guys want to go to lunch?’

My husband gave me ‘the’ look. The look that said, ‘You came up with the no dining out policy, therefore, you should explain it.’

I flubbed out something Yoda-ish, ‘We can’t…uh… 60 days of no dining out… money…tight…save, trying to …err…uh…home, eat at.’

‘OK Captain Crazy’ he replied, paused, then added, ‘We need to save money too since we’re buying the house. Good idea – well, what I could understand of it.’

We’re getting there. A little bit at a time. Sure folks think I’m nuts but since I’m so close to the debt free finish line…

I could care less.

Working Toward a Cheaper Grocery Bill…


After nearly two months of our ‘eat from the pantry and freezer diet’, we’ve finally run out of food. Sure we have a few things I was willing to attempt to serve as a ‘meal’ but decided to call it quits after I asked my husband how he liked dinner and he said, ‘It’s edible’.

‘Edible’ isn’t the response a wife wants to hear.

I’ve decided to cook the inexpensive meals you suggested when I first started the ‘pantry diet’ and review them here. I’m off to the grocery store!

If you have any additional meal suggestions you’d like to share, I’ll make them!