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Ever Get the Feeling Like You Just Dodged a Bullet?


I was scared to death to call my mechanic today to find out the fate of my car since I hadn’t heard anything from him yet. Even though I tried not to worry about it, the thought of having to replace the engine wouldn’t leave my mind.

I’m happy to report that our engine appears to be fine. Now, the oil was thick and my mechanic believes it might have clogged up the oil filter, causing the oil light to come on (or something like that – my husband actually picked up the car and talked to him). My mechanic did an oil change and also flushed the engine with Sea Foam. When he test drove it, everything seemed fine. Total cost of the bill was $36.

Now, here’s the not so easy part of blogging…the confession. We haven’t taken care of our car as well as we should have. Before this happened, the last oil change was due in July. I am embarassed about that. We were very fortunate and the whole ordeal only cost $42 for an oil change, the sea foam and the towing. It could have been a lot worse.

I feel like we dodged a big costly bullet. I think that car of ours is going to get an oil change every three months like clockwork now.

What Number Confession am I on Now??


Ah yes…we are on number 7. This one was the one I thought about telling everyone over the past weekend.

This one I am REALLY embarassed about. I think with working so much I had to let things fall through the cracks and this was one of them.

If you asked me to find a receipt to return something – I would be looking for hours. My paper files are an absolute mess for this year. I have about three places around the house where there are piles of papers that are just waiting for their homes.

Filing is definitely one of those things where it helps to keep up with it daily. If you don’t, you have a huge project on your hands. For me, it’s hard to get motivated as well as find the time to tackle it and get it done. I’ve let it go far too long.

Like I said, I’m pretty ashamed of this one. It doesn’t stop at the paperwork, either. My house is cluttered as well.

I feel a little better confessing, but at the same time I am so glad this blog is basically anonymous 😉