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Caught Red-Handed with an Overspender Mentality


I never really thought of myself as an “overspender.” But, I have caught myself writing something on this blog that screams “overspender-warning.”

Sure, it was just buying something minor (matching dishes and silverware) but they way I reasoned the purchase can be a little dangerous. In my words, I said I purchased them as a “mood-booster.”

Thinking back through the years, I have bought other things as “mood-boosters” when I was feeling down or depressed. Do I feel that material possessions create happiness? If someone had asked me that question last week, I would have told you that happiness is not created by material possessions. But now I realize that my thoughts and my past actions do not equal one another.

Now that this has been brought to light, how do I go about re-mapping my way of thinking? That’s a tough question that I do not have the answer to at the moment, but it is an answer that I will be searching for. When I find it, I will be sure to share with everyone.

Wow, another eye-opener in the past few days. My response, let’s keep ’em coming! 😉

If I Had a Nickel …


How many times have you heard, “If I had a nickel … (and then something like – for every time blah, blah, blah)”.

I’ve heard that alot, and here’s my latest one:

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve goofed up on my road so far to become debt free, I’d be a millionaire.

Okay, so I haven’t goofed up that much – but I have made some blunders.

Like the time I initiated a balance transfer to the wrong credit card.

Or, like the time I paid my credit card late by one day.

Or, like the time my husband received an inheritance and it was spent unwisely.

The point I’m trying to make is that we ALL make mistakes. Just learn from those mistakes and don’t make them again. Reducing your debt is not an easy thing to do. If it was, there wouldn’t be so many of us blogging to track our progress to get rid of it. Just pick your head back up, look straight ahead at your goal, and reach it.

Now, will I ever enter in the wrong credit card number when doing a balance transfer again? You bet yer britches I won’t! 🙂

*Article included at the Carnival of Debt Reduction #31 at Canadian Capitalist
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