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We Made It – Brand New Month


It is officially the last day of No Spend January. We made it!!! And yes, I’m proud.

Other than the flat tire and replacement, we didn’t falter. In fact, I didn’t even spend my “exception” money…yet. I still have to register Princess for volleyball and get an oil change. But…

Exciting Things in February

We do have a few exciting things to look forward to this month:

  • It’s Valentine’s Day! And my first Valentine’s Day in years and years where I am officially part of a couple.  That’s new. I’ve been drawing and coloring for days to prepare a homemade gift that I will be mailing in pieces over the month. (How do you feel about the increase in stamps this month? I wouldn’t have noticed other than the long distance relationship I am in.)
  • Gymnast is supposed to come for his first visit. (Still working out the details on this, but hopeful it will happened.)

    He’s adjusting to the snow, but starting to miss home a bit.

  • Princess is out of school for a week. (We don’t have any plans, but it will be a nice break.)
  • Princess will start playing for a local rec volleyball league at the end of the month.

Debt Payments

But most importantly, I will be reviewing my financial accounts which I have mostly ignored this past month to make some decisions on debt payoff. Yeah!

Just a reminder, my debt priorities right now are:

  1. Tax Debt
  2. Collections
  3. Credit Card
  4. Car Loan
  5. Student Loan

My student loan is still in deferment and will be until May. So I have a little breathing room to pay off the other debts.

I am anxious to receive all my tax documentation and anticipate getting a refund. I am hoping that between my savings this month and the tax refund, I can get the bulk of debt #1, 2 and 3 paid off. That will feel amazing!

This is the year that things turn for us in a big way. I am ready for that change. I am motivated to make that change.

What about you? Has your excitement over the new year waned? Have your resolutions or goals petered out?



Motivated and Brutal


I know many of the BAD readers would say it’s time, or even way past time. But as I committed to #nospendjanuary like never before yesterday, I went over the forecasted spending for the next four months with a fine tooth comb.

The Chopping Block

I am committed to cutting any “fat” out of my budget, both personal and professional. And 3 2 things immediately ended up on the chopping block.

  • Netflix is gone again. I renewed it sometime this fall and it was included in our Entertainment line item of our budget at $11 a month. It is no more. We don’t have cable or Hulu, but we do have high speed internet. So we are now to Amazon Prime for “TV” type entertainment now.
  • Skype minute subscription is gone. This is a business expense. I pay for a Skype number for my business and this fall I did need to use that line to make phone calls and receive phone calls. But at this time, I do not need it. It was $9 per quarter for unlimited minutes. It is gone effective immediately. I still have my number as it is an annual cost, and I can use it via the web, just can’t have the calls forwarded to my cell phone or call landlines from it now.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud was almost gone. This is a business expense. I have used Adobe for years and years and I love their tools. But at $20 per month for the subscription to the software I needed, I decided I could cut it and make due with other software. But when I logged on to cancel it, found out that because of my “deal” I would incur a early termination fee. Have decided to hold off for now, but may revisit this in the future.

I am still looking for other costs I can cut. They will most likely be from the business side since our personal budget is pretty lean and tight based on past spending and predicted needs. But even freeing up this $20 this month, $60 over the next quarter feels like a baby step in the right direction.

I do really like the idea of being debt free in 2021!