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Hope’s Anticipated Spending – Week of 10/12


Life has taken on a bit of a predictable routine that we do not typically have. Work and school, dinner as a family and then everyone retires to take care of their own business – homework, preparing for work the next day or just relaxing. For the first time, maybe ever, I feel like we are a “normal” family.

Anticipated Spending - Week of 10/12

Income *after taxes$524
Auto/Renter's Insurance($267)
Justen (car insurance)$100


It’s what each of my kids has always dreamed about, or at least spoken of as a goal. But the reality is not everything they thought it would be. I think they are getting a little bored.

I, for one, am enjoying the chance to breathe. No running from place to place. No rushing meals. Plenty of time to prepare for the next day and spend time with the kids. I’ve even gotten some reading time. And I know this won’t last forever, or even for long!

Work Update

My client base continues to grow steadily. I am ALMOST full as far as weekly clients go, but continue to apply to avoid what happened a few years ago. And I have left room to pick up one time projects which I really enjoy.

I am starting to think of ways to scale my business as I only have some many hours in the day that I can sell myself. But really don’t have any firm ideas. I do still continue to deliver groceries and continue to put out feelers for more of that type of work.

Kid Update

I am in talks with the local parks and rec department and another select volleyball team for Princess and friends for the spring. I hope to have a solid plan this coming week. And today I will meet with her high school guidance counselor to plan out her remaining high school year and making sure she gets the most out of it.

Gymnast is still homeschooling. And going to gymnastics one day a week. I have high hopes that he will get the opportunity to try public school again, but I believe I will wait until the next school year. There are a lot of bad habits and experiences from time at the local middle school that I am working out how to get past and undo.

History Buff started a job with a tree service this week. It will be hard and he will have to get up early. But it’s a big step in the right direction. We will finalize his school registration for the spring next week, and he will continue to work on the basic subjects as refresher to prepare for next year.

Actual Spending – Week of 9/28


I was spot on in my Anticipated Spending this past week. I’m getting pretty good and staying on track and tight with my money. Now instead of having buyer’s remorse after I spend money, I’m listening to those inner twinges BEFORE I spend money. This is huge for me!

Actual Spending - Week of 9/28

Income *after taxes$576$576
Volleyball - entrance fees($5)($5)
Princess - camp savings$178$178
Camp Payment($178)($178)
Utilities - water, sewer, trash, gas($127)($127)


I don’t really have any notes for this coming week. Princess is out of public school until Wednesday due to Fall Break. We are not going to leave the house (best way to prevent me from spending money.)

I have a meal plan, a list of things to do if the kids get bored and a giant to do list of projects and work tasks I can tackle.

My biggest goal is to avoid temptation. As my bank account grows, it is always easy to think of all the things I can do with that money. But it will be exciting at the end of the month to be further ahead than I have been in years.

Remember, we are in No Spend Month and I am only paying minimums on everything. So while my debt payoff will be halted for the most part this month, I am not just twiddling my thumbs, lots of planning and studying going on behind the scenes. More to come on that.