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3 Ways to Cope with Financial Anxiety


Do you constantly worry about money no matter the state of your finances? You aren’t alone.

Financial anxiety, the professional term for irrational feelings of stress or unwanted anxiety regarding money, is a major problem for most working adults in America. While this issue is common, it can be harmful and can take a severe toll on your mental health and spending habits alike. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or work for a law firm that utilizes a Votacall phone system, it’s normal to be concerned about your finances; however, once your normal levels of worry intensify and anxiety surrounding money becomes all-consuming, it might be time to seek help. 

One of the worst ways to deal with financial anxiety is by trying to avoid it, or hoping that your issues will disappear as you make or spend more money. Instead of pretending like your financial troubles don’t exist, try to deal with them using healthy coping skills, including:

Self Care

When any kind of anxiety gets to be too much, it can be helpful to take the time to indulge in a few acts of self-care that calm you down and help you feel grounded. Some examples include taking a walk, hitting the gym, doing a guided meditation, taking a mushroom capsule, listening to music, or journaling. Finding your center and calming yourself when you feel anxious thoughts arising is the key to ensuring that these thoughts do not escalate and take a toll on your mental state.


Meet With a Financial Advisor

Sometimes, managing your finances on your own can be too much, no matter how much money you have. Meeting with a financial advisor to get a professional’s opinion on your financial status and to make a plan for budgeting, spending, and saving in the future can help to alleviate stress and symptoms of financial anxiety moving forward. 


Talk to Coworkers

When dealing with financial anxiety, you might find yourself feeling alone. Alleviate these feelings by speaking to coworkers or friends who are in the same financial situation as you. Even if they are not able to calm your fears or offer advice, knowing that you are not alone can be helpful in managing symptoms associated with anxiety of any kind,  especially anxiety surrounding money. 

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