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Storm Mode Anyone?


I’m not an avid Dave Ramsey fan. I think everyone here knows that. But I have read his work. And follow several Facebook groups.

But I like the concept of Storm Mode.

And I think that’s the phase I am in mentally this month with so much uncertainty….

  1. We must all admit that our world is a bit crazy right now. Experiences like never before are going on everywhere.
  2. My work going forward is kind of up in the air as clients have to adjust to the crazy world we are living in.
  3. I have suddenly gone from two kids at home, to three kids at home. We’ve had to rearrange our home with a days notice to add a new bed/space.
  4. Our schedules are just, well, what schedules? We are taking every day as it comes.
  5. And I’m the primary caregiver for my beloved grandmother who definitely falls into the high risk category with this virus.

As a result of all this, I have noticed that without really thinking about it, my mindset has shifted from debt payoff to conserve everything. Which I believe is what Dave would refer to as Storm Mode.

Anyone else feeling that way? Whether you are self employed or a W2 employee, I think this thing could really effect employment and finances across the board.


  • Reply Jen |

    So…you just flew in a child from an area where there are known cases of the virus. He has probably gone through one of the major funneling airports for international flights. He has probably been exposed to the virus, and because of his age may very well spread the virus without actually getting sick. If he gets sick, it will most likely be mild. Unless he gets seriously ill, it is unlikely he will be tested any time soon, because they are prioritizing tests.

    He is currently staying in a home with 2 high risk people. People with respiratory issues and diabetes are both considered high risk. One of these people is the primary caregiver for a senior citizen with pre-existing health conditions.

    That is just foolish. I really, really, really hope your grandmother doesn’t become ill due to your willingness to stick your head in the sand.

    • Reply Hope |

      He actually didn’t fly, but thank you for your concern. His dad ended up driving him down after he had been quarantined at home for almost two weeks.

      • Reply Laura |

        How has he been quarantined for 2 weeks when Illinois schools haven’t even been closed for 2 weeks?

      • Reply Jen |

        So his school cancelled/closed two weeks before the governor closed them? He closed them Friday, last day of attendance was Monday 3/16.

  • Reply Laura |

    If your son has been on a plane none of you should be around your grandmother for 2 weeks until you know if you are infected or not. He could have easily picked it up, passed it onto you, and you don’t know it yet. Your grandmother is extremely vulnerable.

  • Reply Janita |

    Wow. I’m 2 weeks late to this party but had to comment on how everyone chose to jump down your throat about something that had nothing to do with what you were asking. And is none of their business. I’m sorry the digital world has made it so easy to assume we know how to live strangers‘ lives better than they do.

    To answer your actual question, I’m a 50/50 Dave person myself. I think his methods make sense but can be a bit fanatical. Don’t mess with my Starbucks, man. But I too have found myself wanting to hold onto the extra with all the unknowns about this virus. If the storm doesn’t come, we can pay those bills (or have a little shopping spree- shhhh!) when life re-normalizes. I also suddenly have 2 college kids back in the house who were supposed to be fed by someone else until May! It shocked me how much our monthly bills have gone up just with them being here round the clock for a month now.

    I’m resisting the urge to go full-on Red Dawn but I do think it makes sense to stockpile what we can right now and divvy up the excess later. It’s hella better than being caught with little or no backup if things get any crazier. Prayers and best of luck to your family.

So, what do you think ?