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Last Carnival Reminder


The Carnival of Debt Reduction will be here on Monday. If you are a blogger, please get your submissions in soon!

NOTE: I have been looking at the submissions and a lot of them are articles about saving money or making money. Some of them don’t even contain the word “debt.” That information is great, but this carnival is about debt reduction. Articles must be related to debt reduction to be included front and center in this carnival.



  • Reply Mike |

    Not to be too pedantic, but isn’t it safe to assume that if you’re heavily in debt, and want to get out, either reducing the outgo, or increasing the income might be a good idea? You seem like you’re being a bit… obtuse.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Mike – that’s why I still will be including the articles, they just won’t be front and center. At the heart of the Carnival of Debt Reduction is that it is about Debt. It’s hard being a host because you want to be true to the Carnival Founder’s wishes yet still have great articles for people to enjoy.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Dave – a carnival in the blog-o-sphere is an organized event where one person hosts and lists articles that relate to the carnival topic. A great place to go to see a whole listing of carnivals is http://blogcarnival.com .

    These carnivals can occur weekly or even monthly, depending on the carnival and the guidelines established by the carnival founder.

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