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Contingencies and a Challenge


I cannot believe that it will be December in less than an hour. Time is flying by and so much is going on in my head right now. Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a chance to get some of it out on here. For now, here’s a few articles that caught my eye this week.

JW discusses contingencies. JW and his wife are striving to become debt-free, but they keep coming across hurdles.

“For us the fact remains that for every triumph we have in reducing our debt we will inevitably have some set backs.”

With our recent triumphs of paying off half of our debt and fully funding our emergency fund…I can’t help but wonder what’s around the corner and if it is going to cost a lot of money. Two steps forward…one step back. I try not to think that way, but it’s hard not to.

Arduous has almost wrapped up her November shoe challenge (thinning out the collection) and December is going to be a month of no pre-packaged dinners and no eating out. Wow. That’s a tough one and I will enjoy reading about the challenge and hopefully picking up a few pointers.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! πŸ™‚


  • Reply MollysBrother |


    Good luck in your December goals! No pre-packaged meals and no eating out. Wow. Pretty laudable. I think during this time of the year it is especially difficult to not do either of those.

    Why is December so stressful? When will we all say “enough?” LOL.

  • Reply A.J. |

    No eating out for a month πŸ™

    That’s going to be a hard one for me (not because I even like to eat out, I often leave the house at 6 AM and don’t get home until 11 PM and bringing my own breakfast/lunch/dinner is not always feasible).

    Anyway, great ideas and good luck on your challenge.

  • Reply paidtwice |

    Tricia, I think like that too. I posted yesterday about how well november had gone in regards to debt reduction and December was looking even better, and I kept thinking “And what is going to happen now?”


    Congrats again on getting past the halfway point with the credit card debt. A really worthwhile accomplishment. :clap:

  • Reply Rob in Madrid |

    I spent some time on the first website you mentioned have to say after reading everything they went through I’m quite thankfull for everything we’ve been given. JW is typical of the babyboomer whom the rules changed mid way through thier life. From life time employment and retirement to no job no money and no retirement. If you have time view some of the viideo clips he posted

  • Reply Colleen in MA |

    Yah! When I saw that you made your halfway point I smiled big time! You should be so proud. I know what you mean about wondering what’s around the corner. But I try to remember that it was little things over and over that put me in debt – and while it’s likely that yes, there will probably be setbacks here and there, the setbacks will likely be small as well. The difference is that now I am (and you are) prepared for them and won’t let them snowball. In other words I am in the best shape I have ever been for a setback! Well, that thinking does sound silly but it does help me. Anyway, thanks for your blog – it keeps me motivated.

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