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ING Electric Orange Referral Links


I’ve been hosting ING Orange Savings Account referral links for a while. To start up an online savings account with ING using one of those referrals, you get a $25 bonus and I make $10 (although at the moment the $10 bonus is going to the others that I am hosting referral links for).

A little while ago, ING started offering referral links for their Electric Orange accounts (note, this link is not a referral link and you will not receive a bonus if you use it). It is basically a checking account through ING where you can earn some interest on your balance. It seems like a great deal and I’ve been tempted to go for it…but at this time I’m not ready to add another account to our financial life. Perhaps once a few more of our debts are paid off and I have less to track I’ll consider it.

That said, since I don’t have an account, I never thought of offering the referrals for the Electric Orange account on here. But I was contacted by someone who wanted a link. That’s why I decided to write this post.

If you are interested in opening an Electric Orange checking account with ING, you can earn a $25 bonus if you open the account with at least $250 and use a referral link. By using the link, I earn a $10 bonus. Another important this to note is that you must be a brand new customer to ING to get the bonus. You can’t already have a savings account and get a bonus for opening a checking account.

If interested, please contact me and ask for an “ING Electric Orange Checking Account Referral.” I no longer have these referrals.

Please note…these referrals ONLY work if you are a NEW ING customer. If you are already an ING customer and want to open up an Electric Orange account, please do not use these referral links. Go directly to the ING website.


  • Julia |

    Boo, ING Direct in Canada doesn’t offer the referral links on a regular basis. They only offer it at certain times of the year. I say you should take advantage as you can! If I lived in the States, I’d definitely do that. 🙂

  • Ed |

    I love ING Electric Orange. I get online bill pay for my checking and get 4% interest rate.
    I have a local credit union that pays interest on checking and free bill pay, but the interest is only 0.5%, EO rocks.
    The online interface is great, only takes a day or two for transfers (where FNBO/HSBC, etc. take up to 5). They also have a daily interest “counter” of what you have earned, it is great watching my interest grow!

  • Anna |

    If anyone is still looking for a referral, email me at [EDIT] [at] yahoo [dot] com and I’ll send you one.

  • Karina |

    if your looking for a ING referral to obtain the $25 just email your email and your name and i will email you the referral.