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Ways I Save Money: I Reduced the Garage Saling This Year


Oh boy, I can hear everyone ready to pounce all over me for saying this one LOL. But for me, it’s true! I’ve only been to a few garage sales this year and I am saving money.

Let me explain…

I am a bargain shopper. If I see a good deal, I am temporarily blinded the fact that maybe I do not need that item. Perhaps I think I can use it – but really it’s probably going to sit around the house and never be used. Bargains only really work if you need to purchase something regardless.

When I have “bargain blindness” at the department store, I can return things. At a garage sale, if I have buyer’s remorse when I get home I am stuck with an item unless I try to sell it myself.

I think overall I went to about three garage sales and one estate sale this year. The estate sale was one that I just went to last month, so I will talk about it because it’s still fresh in my memory. Many things there caught my eyes. An endtable here ($10.00), old records there ($make an offer), books all over the place ($0.25 each for the bigger ones), pretty pictures on the wall ($5.00)…but I just said no. I didn’t really NEED any of those things.

I did walk out with one thing, though. It was a little clipboard that has a compartment underneath it where you can store extra paper and supplies. I bought it for a quarter and my son absolutely loves it.

I think going to that estate sale helped show that I am getting better with things. I am not being so blinded by bargains. I can walk away, knowing that even though it may be a great bargain, I do not necessarily need it.

I’ve said it a few times before, but I’ll mention it again. Even though my main journey is to eliminate debt – there are many little “side-journeys” I have to work on as well. I’m glad to see changes in myself, because I know they will be beneficial long after the debt is gone.

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  • Reply Matt |

    Any way that you save money is a good way to save money. For me it was cutting back on eating out for lunch and dinner.

    The one nice thing about garage/estate sales is that you might be able to find a diamond in the rough that’s worth a lot of money.

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