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Debt Does Drive Me Crazy Sometimes


I’ve never been one to be able to write very well about my feelings, especially when I’m a little depressed. Instead, I keep to myself and hold everything in. That’s not good to do, so I forced myself to write what I did the other day. I need to get it out, for it’s not good to keep things bottled in.

There have been a few times where there was a shadow of doubt looming above my head. The last few days, the shadow has been, well, huge. I think it was a lot of things coming at me at once and I just cracked. You obviously can’t see my face, but imagine someone with a very big smile upside down. Someone looking at the floor while walking, someone just energenic enough just to say hi and crack a little smile. That would have been me if you saw me on the street on Tuesday.

I’m sure anyone in debt can relate to that. Debt seems to be that hand on your shoulder pushing you down so you can’t stand up straight. It’s that weight that is keeping you from realizing your full potential. There’s tons of ways to describe it, I guess, but if you’ve been there I’m sure you understand the feeling.

Thank you to everyone that left a comment on yesterday’s post. They helped to make me feel better. That was one of my low points the other day, and I am sure there will be more. It’s only normal. I kept telling myself that the other day, and kept telling myself that I will feel better soon. I do feel better, and I’m sure the quickness of my recovery has to do with all of you.

That brings up a point about debt. Having financial troubles and being in debt can be so shameful, but tell someone about it. Have someone you can share with and don’t keep it all bottled in. Everyone needs someone to be there when you are down and out. It could be a friend, a spouse, message board buddies, or a support group. Just reach out and talk to someone, even if it is anonymous. Instead of having that hand on your shoulder pushing you down…you can have someone holding your arm and helping to hold you up.

Thank you to everyone for holding my arm and helping me back up πŸ™‚


  • Reply Loopy |

    Tricia, I understand exactly what you’re saying. Laying awake in bed literally sweating from the weight of this debt is absolutely stifling. IMO this is much like weight loss or any other life challenge – use your support system! That’s the entire reason I started my blog and was please to find so many others that I can read and connect with.

    Talking about it really does help!

  • Reply MOMM |

    I agree, talking about it does help. Since we started our debt journey/repayment plan/whatever it is called LOL I’ve told my brothers and my parents. And yes, we owe quite a bit less then most of the other bloggers online, but nonetheless it is debt.


  • Reply Flora |

    I do understand that it gets overwhelming, but look how far you’ve come this year! Over $12K since FEBRUARY! You’re doing great and it won’t last forever.

  • Reply Maria |

    I completely understand. I can be so overwhelming and when you add in the Holidays- doubly so. What I find that helps me is to imagine what I’m going to do with that money once the debt is paid off. Also, I try to work on the reasons for my overspending and replace the need with something else.
    We’re all here for you!

  • Reply debtinseattle |

    Hang in there Tricia! You have done such a tremendous job so far. I am lucky in that I have 3 best friends who I can tell anything to and there is never any judgement on their part. Not to mention that my husband is very understanding and always listens.

    Keep your chin up! You are doing GREAT!

  • Reply Matt |

    Those of us in debt have been where you are and we know we’ll be there again. Keep your chin up and remember each day, each pay you’re that much closer. The consequences of not getting there are much worse in the long term.

    And yes the long term is something most of us don’t consider… until it arives. You’ve been doing amazing. I would kill to be able to pay down $12k of my debt like you have.

  • Reply Save Sheila |

    If I hadn’t found my blogging buddies, I don’t know that I could have done what I’ve done so far. They keep me motivated, even on the really dark days when I’m convinced I’ll never get out of debt. But they are there for me and motivate me every day.

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