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Credit Card Debt Report


I realized I haven’t provided this report in a while. I think with including a more detailed monthly spending report I forgot about this one. So, here’s how my credit card debt stands as of the end of September, the end of October and present day. I included present day because a balance transfer was just completed a few days ago.

We now have 4 credit cards that are at a zero balance. Woohoo!!! Three more to go and a Prosper Loan.

If you remember my listing, I said that I wouldn’t agressively pay off the Prosper Loan until I paid off CC#4. Since I transferred the $5,100 from CC#4 to CC#2, CC#4 is now technically “paid off.” However, I just shifted the debt so I do not consider it paid off. I will now agressively pay off CC#2. Then, depending on how the interest rates are on the rest of my debt – I may or may not pay down the Prosper Loan next.


  • Reply Binary Dollar |

    Wow you’re doing amazing. Congrats. When do you project you’ll be done paying it all off?

  • Reply Mandi |

    You are doing amazing. I’d say “Keep it up,” but I know you will…

    Do you create this chart/report in Quicken, where it has the last few months? Although I’ve figured out a lot (I think) I’m still learning.

    I’d love to see my amounts go down by month as well.


  • Reply Tricia |

    Binary Dollar – my goal date is May of 2009, but I’m hoping to keep things agressive and have it paid off by December of 2008. I ran the numbers, and it can happen. Realistically, though, there will be months where I can’t pay as much extra to the cards.

    Mandi – I run the report for this in Quicken (a modified Net Worth report, filtered to include just my credit cards and prosper loan). I then display the report by month and select the dates I would like to run the report for. I then export it to Excel, so then I can “pretty” it up and add the shading.

So, what do you think ?