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Hubby – The WILD Spender


My husband is a man’s man. He’s more comfortable with a hammer than a computer mouse. I often times snicker when getting the mail and my copy of Smart Money is snuggled near his Family Handyman.

Obviously our celebrations were VERY different.

Usually, we use side work money to pay debt. He comes home, hands me the check, and I pay the bills. After we made the last payment, he came home, started to hand me the check, looked down at it for a minute, and asked if he could use it for a special payoff surprise.

This was his surprise…

He’s building a pantry with roll out drawers! He cut a hole in the wall between our kitchen and garage to add some much needed space to our tiny kitchen. How much did he spend? $100. Quite a deal considering he was able to use a lot of leftover materials from side work to piece it together.

When I told him I felt bad about him spending money on the kitchen rather than on something he really wanted, he assured me this was what he had in mind for quite some time.

That… and he’s sick of me asking him to carry the heavy mixer from the linen closet in the back of the house to the kitchen whenever I need it.

Big smile on my face today. Big. Big. Smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day… STOP SPENDING!


I was watching the news over the weekend and it seems all anyone can focus on is Valentine’s day date ideas. The anchor said, ‘I know we are all planning to spend a couple hundred over the holiday, so let’s talk about ways to save.’


What planet are you living on!?!?

Then I realized… a lot of my friends drop a couple hundred on Valentine’s Day between dinners, romantic outings, and flowers. Hubby and I haven’t spent that much since… well… ever.

Is it just me? Or is everyone nuts?!? What will you be spending for today’s festivities?



Every summer, our home is invaded by eight legged critters. It hasn’t bothered me much in the past. A bite or two here or there isn’t too bad. This summer, the spiders decided I was particularly tasty and I’m on my second set of welts.

On Sunday, I went to visit my parents and my mother noticed the nasty bites on my arm. My mother and grandmother rubbed soothing balm to reduce the swelling and stop the itch.

I was considering calling a pest control company but I’m trying my best to spend as little as possible these days. Plus, I’m the only one who gets bit so it seems a bit ridiculous to spend lots money to save myself a few days of itching.

Today, my dad came over toting his sprayer and a heavy dose of insecticides. I think he knew I was too frugal to call a pest control company and figured he’d take care of it for me.

Turns out, you’re never too old to think your dad is superman.

If My Mortgage Doesn’t Kill Me, Costco Will…


I scrimp, I save, I budget but there are two things that can empty my bank account in three seconds flat:

My mortgage and Costco Wholesale.

I suffered an attack from both yesterday.

My mortgage cleared my account in the morning and even though I’m prepared, even though it’s budgeted, it’s always a little disheartening to feel rich one day and broke the next. It’s like watching a car full of cash leave my checking account each month.

For some reason, I thought yesterday might also be a good time to go to Costco. We ran out of paper towels and we would soon need napkins and toilet paper. This trip SHOULD have cost $45.

I tried to make a straight line down the center of the store, directly to the paper products (conveniently placed in the BACK) but found myself saying, ‘Peaches? OF COURSE I need a huge flat of peaches. Sure, it’s only hubby and me and we’ll have to eat 17 peaches each in the next 5 days, but I CAN’T live without them.’

It’s as if all logical thought and reasoning disappear at those roll-up doors.

I loaded the cart with apples, pre-cooked dinners, dog food, and paper products. My exit cost me…

I’m tricked into thinking I’m ‘saving money’ by purchasing toilet paper 92 rolls at a time but those rolls are typically accompanied by loads of items I don’t need.

It’s not as if anything I purchased will go to waste, but it will take 10 years for us to use it all. Fortunately, my husband worked a side job a few weekends ago and we had the cash, but that’s $191 that won’t be going into our emergency fund this month.

I think I’m going to have to break up with Costco.

My Big Shopping Weekend…


I burned 4 ½ hours at the mall this weekend. I wandered the stores with my budgeted cash in hand, searching for a reason to part with it. Signs marked ’40 – 50% Off’ gleamed in high gloss red paint, enticing me to spend, spend, spend.

I did spend…


Turns out, spending money on Christmas gifts for the first time in two years isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Given, it is hard to get into the Christmas spirit while shopping in a tank top and shorts.

Dear San Diego,

In case you missed it, we are in the month of DECEMBER, not July. Please adjust to more appropriate temperatures. Ninety degrees doesn’t exactly scream winter wonderland.

Oh well, there will always be next year.