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Another Trip to the Hospital…


I’m not recovering from being sick as quickly as I need to be. My doctor called me last week to check in and asked how things were going – then asked me to come in.

Without getting into specifics, I’m having problems with my lungs and there is permanent damage. I would ignore the problem but since breathing is somewhat important to survival, I have to take care of it. I informed my husband that the side effects from the medications were pretty serious including shaking, high anxiety, excessive hunger, moodiness, and inability to sleep. He responded, ‘How is that different from normal?’

I told him that if his body should mysteriously go missing, no female judge in the world would convict me.

This has blown a bit of a hole in our budget. The medications and co-payments have been expensive.

But there is good news! My doctor thinks my problems may ease over the summer months. Cheers to summer! It can’t get here fast enough can it?

A trip to the emergency room… without insurance.


I was CERTAIN my husband would be healthy and accident free until he received healthcare from his employer. He started work in mid-January and was promised coverage by February 1st. I was finally starting to feel at ease about his healthcare issue.

When my husband called me from work on Friday to let me know he had injured his eye and needed urgent care he mentioned…he had no healthcare coverage.

His employer had failed to send the application.

We panicked. Goodbye tax refund. Possibly goodbye house…goodbye car… goodbye right arm.

Thanks to some quick thinking on my husband’s part, his was rerouted to the hospital at his school rather than to the local emergency room.

A few hours later he was bandaged, drugged, and… bill free. Because he is an active student, he is given certain medical care for free. Whew!

For those of you who attend, or have children who attend, large universities, consider researching the medical options available. It could save you a bundle.

In Sickness and In Health…


I jinxed myself.

I made the mistake of saying I’d rather be sick this weekend than pour concrete. Not only am I miserably sick, they cancelled pouring concrete because it’s raining.

I’ve been in bed since Thursday afternoon and it’s incredibly painful to speak. I can’t even moan in pain because that hurts too.

My husband has been on his knees praying for the last two days. At first I thought he was being sweet but based on his hidden snickers, I don’t think he’s praying for my recovery… I think he’s thanking God for the silence.

As an added bonus to him, I couldn’t go out on Black Friday – the deadliest financial holiday of the year. The store I buy my work clothes from had everything marked at 50% off.

I’m miserable but my husband is happy.

Germ Avoidance…


I’m officially ‘that person’.

‘That person’ who crazily walks around with tissues to open doors and leaves a shower of Lysol in her wake.

Before you harass me about my germaphobic ways, remember I work with the general public. San Diegans are passing around the Swine Flu like a delicious piece of gossip.

I wouldn’t be quite so crazy but Thanksgiving is next week. If I have to spend my four days off in the hospital, I’d rather it be from a gnarly fall off a mountain face that bested me than from a virus that originated in an animal I don’t particularly like – even when served for a Christmas meal.

Plus, as the year ends, we’re all getting low on personal hours and no one can afford a day off. My co-workers spray the sick folks with Lysol like they’d spray a thug with mace. If someone collapses, we call poison control and haz-mat – not 911.

I sneezed this morning and my co-worker nonchalantly hummed Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ while spraying me with an anti-bacterial aerosol like she was disinfecting her toilet. I probably wouldn’t have minded but… all that mist makes my hair frizz.

I need to stay healthy. I need to stay working. I don’t care if I look silly.

It’s a dog eat dog world during flu season.

Health Insurance Clarification…


I really appreciate the advice my readers gave about health insurance. I’m going to research the COBRA assistance program (I didn’t even know it existed). I also didn’t think about getting health coverage through his school. After some research, I discovered his school does cover basic medical services, radiology, laboratory services, injections, prescriptions, physical therapy, and limited urgent care at a greatly reduced cost (we pay a fee with his tuition for this service but have never used it). A hearty THANK YOU for the ideas!!!

We should be able to qualify for the COBRA assistance based on the requirements of the layoff date and I’m hoping to be able to combine this coverage with the reduced cost services at his school.

If in the crazy event, the COBRA assisted coverage doesn’t work out. We’ll have to go without. As I said before, the money simply isn’t there – but we are fortunate to have at least something through his school. Yes, my husband could possibly suffer an illness not covered by the student hospital that could cost thousands of dollars but if we chose to pay for health insurance and skip our mortgage payments we would SURELY default on our loan and our home value is 135K less than we could sell it for.

Possible health problem OR definite mortgage default and foreclosure resulting in a 135K shortfall.

At this time…it’s an easy decision.

Thank you Gina for the reminder. The student hospital will really help us in the event something happens. And thank you to those who opened my eyes about the COBRA assistance. I had no idea!!