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Money Envelope Update, Part 2


Hi all! Who else was doing Money-Envelope June with me? I wanted to check in briefly and see how its going! After my mishap early in the month, I haven’t had any more issues (thank goodness!) But I still stand by my statement that the money envelope system may just not be for me. Even with all the benefits (which, I reported last month to outweigh the negatives), I just can’t get over the bulkiness, the inconvenience, and the simple fact that….I don’t like to use paper money! Commenter Mary did point out some valid reasons why dollar bills can be safer than credit/debt cards but, for me, I think I prefer the plastic. So many of you commented on trying You Need a Budget that I decided to check out the website and….I’m intrigued. I don’t really want to shell out the money for it, but I’ve also seen other blog writers (who are not endorsed by the YNAB) talk about how life-changing it was, how its worth every penny, and this means a lot given their frugal nature, etc. etc. etc. So I’m thinking that in July I may try the free 34 day trail that they have advertised on their website. It would give me a chance to use it for a full month and see what I think before committing. Users of YNAB – what do you think? I obviously haven’t downloaded the software yet – is it a huge time-investment up front to get everything synced with the software programs? This makes me a little nervous since we’ve decided to go visit my Dad out-of-town for 4th of July. Will I have time to set everything up before leaving town (we’re planning to go for a long weekend, from Thursday July 3rd through Sunday July 6th). How long did it take you to get everything organized when you started? The trial is for 34 days (as opposed to 30 or 31), so I could start it at the end of June and try to get it set up before July starts. Just trying to figure out the logistics of that. Would love some insight from those who use the program. Prior to the money envelope system I’ve just tracked all my expenses in an Excel file. We did mostly “okay,” but there was some overspending here and there, which is what the money envelope system has helped to curb (mostly…unless I forget the dang envelopes!) I do feel like using the envelopes has made me more cognizant of my spending so, in some regard, I think/hope I could return to the excel file and bypass the overspending since I am now more aware of my spending. But I’m not opposed to trying other systems and YNAB seems to have a lot of strong supporters. What other budgeting systems do you use? Would your recommend any (or recommend to avoid any)?