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Financial Task List


After the last couple of weeks’ craziness, we finally had some down time last week and wow, it was great to breathe.  I think my last post The Cluttered Life was truly the fall out of my over-scheduling us.  Lesson learned!

I am happy to report that in the last week I’ve made several to do lists and marked lots of things off them – yeah!  The best part is that aside from buying 2 gallons of milk I have spent NO MONEY for the past week and a half. (I’m not counting my quick turn trip to pick up my son on Saturday as that was budgeted and planned for months ago.)  I know many write about a no spend month, but I am truly having to start with baby steps and while it’s been really hard, we’ve done it.

We are now preparing for another whirlwind with Sea Cadet and History Buff leaving for camp on Sunday and Little Gymnast and Princess attending another VBS here locally next week, all while hosting some family friends for the week….and top off the week with leaving for Texas to see my parents.  Wow, I’m out of breathe just writing that, could you follow it?

So I’ve made a financial to do list to get done before we leave for Texas…

1. Plan trip budget – this trip is really open ended as my parents want us to stay a bit longer so they can see Sea Cadet (he will be at a USN camp while we are visiting them.)  I’m not sure what will happen but need to spend some time really thinking about it scheduling and finance wise and soon!

2. List my engagement ring for sale – thanks for all your for all your feedback last week on Where to sell jewelry? I am determined to get that process rolling before I leave town.

3. Side jobs – I’ve got 2 side jobs going right now that I need to make some serious progress on.

4. Purge – I’ve listed specific locations in my home that I want to go through and purge…how do we get all this stuff?  I feel like I’m constantly purging!

5. Fall plans – I’ve got two small projects in mind to make some money this fall, as well as be school related for my kiddos so I need to spend some time working those out in my head.

I am not idle.  I am busy.  And I am loving it.  Thank you for all your encouragement last week, it was a very tough one for me!

I hope to have a numbers update up next week before we leave town for a while.  I keep thinking in my head that if we weren’t taking this trip…but I know this is important for my kids and for me.  If you want to know more about that story you can find it on my personal blog – The Village in Abandoning the Children