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I <3 Roku


Way back in March of this year when I started blogging I went through a whole host of reductions on basic living expenses.  I fired cable and bought a digital antenna.  I’ve gone now 8 months without cable and could not be happier!  Before buying anything else for television watching purposes I challenged us to use an old PlayStation to watch Netflix and HuluPlus.  I’m pretty good about setting these challenges to make sure I stick with something before I spend extra dollars on extras.  (Tangent: The same rule applies for workout clothes.  Nothing new until I am consistently exercising for at least six months.  You should have see some of the items I went to yoga in at the very beginning. Hello 1990’s!  I liked to consider myself retro.  :-/)

The PlayStation worked fine for the initial experience although it was cumbersome to use.  I found that to be an added benefit as it prevented the kids and I from just mindlessly turning the television on instead of doing something more productive.  I still have not purchased my own Roku but I am borrowing the Roku of a friend who isn’t using it very often.   I love it!  So, I decided to post about it since it has been awhile and maybe there are new readers who could benefit from my television cutback decisions.

We get all the local channels in HD and then we stream Netflix and HuluPlus via the Roku.  I can’t find a flaw with this arrangement especially given our very busy schedules.  My friend says he doesn’t need his Roku back anytime soon (he primarily uses the xbox to access) and he has generously offered it to the kids and I for the short term.  I’m not in a hurry to buy one so even if he needs to take it back, I won’t be purchasing my own very soon. We did fine with the PlayStation! But for now I’m welcoming the opportunity to enjoy this great item!

If you are still paying for cable, do some research.  You may find much cheaper alternatives!

P.S.  Although you are likely sick of hearing about the latest in “As Steve and Claire Divorce…” I’ll share that I got another one line snail mail letter today.  He instructed me to provide any suggestions for the divorce decree to him directly no later than November 30.  Gladly!  In fact, I’ll beat that deadline!

Canceling Cable…


Each month our cable bill has inched higher and higher. This month, it reached the highest amount we’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, our roommates cover half the bill plus their pricey premium channels but once they move out, I don’t think I can justify spending so much on a luxury.

I decided to look into other options.

We don’t watch TV much, but we both really enjoy staying in on a Saturday night and laughing at our favorite comedies. It sort of makes us less miserable about the whole “we don’t spend outside the budget” thing we’ve got going. Sure I could say we will start playing card games, doing crafts together, or cooking by candlelight but… um… we won’t.

I’ve heard about Hulu.com and Netflix streaming via the Wii but I haven’t actually tried them. So, I’ve got two options. I, the tech idiot, can try to figure it out on my own OR, I can see if any of you folks have made the switch and see how it worked for you.

I may be a tech idiot, but I’ve got common sense at least.

Share your cable cutting ideas!