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Great Article


Last night I actually took time to relax and read a magazine.  It’s sad that the simple act of stopping and reading has become a rarity in my current situation.  Needless to say, I am very busy.  If I have spare time I am usually going to choose yoga and that isn’t a bad thing.  Still, it was a treat to read a real magazine. 

I was ready to check my brain out for a bit and maybe read about the latest celebrity gossip or what eye cream can make me look younger.  I was looking to veg.  A friend gave me a copy of More magazine.  I think I’ve seen this in a few airports but I’ve never read one.  The cover says it’s for “women of style and substance.”  Well, I’d like to think I have those qualities so I dug in!  I’m kidding.  I don’t have style but I do have substance!!

As I randomly flipped through the pages, guess what article I came across?  “Spending to piss off my father.”   Yep.  I do think God has become my financial advisor and now He is sending messages in More magazine.  Ha!  The article advertises “she built her life to prove she’s not her thrify dad–and worked frantically to afford it. Than an accident forced her to reassess her splurges.” 


Take some time to read this one and I think you’ll enjoy!  I could so relate to what she wrote and can clearly see where my spending habits originated.  My Dad is also of the Depression era–although the market crashed two months before he was born–he lived in NYC and growing up with a single mom, he knew hardship.   He was frugal like the Dad in this story but very, very private about money.  I knew nothing about finances and just knew that when I needed money, it was there.  I remember one blow up when I guess he was short on funds and my high school tuition was due–and he said something very hurtful.  I share that b/c I think it was an indicator that the stress was there but hidden. 

Now don’t think I’m out to blame Dad for my financial failures.  I am NOT.  I have the best Dad a girl could ever ask for and to this day I rely on him tremendously.  But I do think it important for all of us to figure out how our “programming” happened.  What information we were given as kiddos that shapes our decisions today.  I use that info not only to improve myself but, of course, to make adjustments to how I raise my kids. 

Anyway, grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax a minute with this fun article from Pam Houston.  I really enjoyed!