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The Cost of Convenience – Snack Time


One of the things that gets me almost every time is food on the go.  We are extremely busy 80% of the time.  Rushing here or there, no time between activities and thus no time to eat.  In the “olden” days, I always carried granola bars, bags of nuts and other healthy but long lasting snacks to tide kiddos over.  But now with all the peanut allergies, well, that’s not an option anymore.

So I’ve been struggling with this ALOT and little Gymnast is especially affected by it because he has such a high metabolism and spends so much time in the gym, he is ALWAYS hungry and if not fed will have meltdowns.  (We’re not going to start on the self-control that I think he should have by this time, but it’s proven over and over again that when he gets fed he can calm right down.  He’s 9 for anyone who wonders.)

This week, I made a trip to Sams Club and broke down and bought one of the $40 bags of protein powder and some nut free protein bars.  We are going to try these and see if they do the trick, but I have to say, the price tag made me nervous.  $40 is almost half of my weekly grocery budget.  I know it’s a big bag, but whoa.

I’m keeping little tupperware containers in my bag with the powder in them.  And we have one blender cup that my little brother left here when visiting one time.  But I figure otherwise, it can just be mixed with a water bottle which I always have in the car.

Do you have some go to snacks that you keep with you all the time for kiddos who just need something right then?  Or maybe even go to snacks for yourself that you keep in your gym bag or purse?  I really need something that doesn’t have the common allergens in it AND can last as I just keep them in my bag all the time.