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The saving money bug is biting others in this house…


I overheard the kids talking tonight and 7 year old girl explained to her big brothers that the library is the “way to go” because you just borrow the books and DVD’s and you don’t have to give them money.  🙂   This on top of the 13 year old revisiting the 25 cent boxes of Rice Krispies and marveleing aloud.  The 12 year old was on the phone with his Dad yesterday sharing what a deal these antennas are because “tv is FREE Dad.”    There have been some unrelated challenges with the 17-year-old so we definitely don’t have any positive or negative commentary from him.  Oh to be as smart as all of the 17-year-olds out there!  Another day where I find a whole new respect for my parents surviving FIVE teenagers!

I know that some readers will assume our kids are overindulged…but I beg to differ.  They saved money from chores (more on that in a post to come), birthdays, holidays, little “jobs” and have bought ALL of the gadgets they have.  One bought an iTouch after over a year of saving. Honestly I didn’t think he’d be so determined but I’m proud he was!  We supply the bottom of the barrel cell phones b/c my husband has a stash of old phones at his disposal and I’m the only one in this house with an iPhone!  And that was only after it was reduced to an employee discount price.   The middle schoolers just got their phones this school year and friends don’t believe them when they learn their Dad works for a cell company…b/c they definitely don’t have the cutting edge phones.  Three of the four kids seem to be naturally thrifty and the one that isn’t…is learning from the others.  We provide basics and even the PS3 that is now serving as our television supply was split–we paid 50%, they paid the other 50%.   So, all this is to say that I’m not surprised by the lack of drama or pushback from them…but I am surprised at each of them articulating it in the manner they do.  As a new blended family we’ve needed a common goal.  It hit me today that saving money and paying off debt is the perfect common goal!   In some bizarre way (truly bizarre thinking here) I wish I COULD point to a bunch of crap for the kids to explain this debt!  But that’s CRAZY talk!  I am sure the days ahead will see unhappiness and disappointment as the novelty of this battle wears off and we all realize it is a long war ahead.

Anyway, this  is just a random share to celebrate the entire family’s progress.  I like the idea someone put in a comment about recruiting them for my ebay sales.  I know they would love that!