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Small Business Decisions…


My father is the owner and sole employee of his business. He occasionally uses contracted employees for additional help when he needs it, but generally, he is the only person who can run his company.

This setup has served him for most of my lifetime. He owns businesses, runs them, and brings home a paycheck. It has never been a problem…

Until now.

There was no contingency plan in place should anything happen to my father… like a quadruple bypass.

Fortunately, my brothers know the construction business and my sister and I know his accounting system and had open schedules to jump in to help. There has been no hiccup in his business services, only a different face showing up at the jobsites. Who knew having 7 kids would pay off eventually?

For the most part, everything worked out for dad. He’s still struggling a little physically and relying on my youngest brother to get him through the day, but at least he is getting through the day.

Here’s the question for all you ‘invincible’ small business owners out there…

Do you have a contingency plan?

If not, you better figure one out!



A reader asked for some advice regarding her husband. My husband never hid debts so I don’t have any experience in this area.

How would you deal with this?:

Can you provide any suggestions for someone whose spouse is still in denial about their spending addiction? My husband has been hiding his debts from me for a long time. Now, because his bills are out of control, he can’t hide it anymore & pay his share of the household bills. I have offered to help, suggested counseling…does anyone have any suggestions?