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I Broke Up with Amazon


We’ve been staying in Texas for a while.  It’s looking like I may have the opportunity to take a remote position with another division of my company that only requires me to be in California 4-8 weeks a year and we’re poking around to see if we can find a spot in Texas to settle permanently.  For all the Texan’s out there… no, I won’t ‘California’ your Texas.


Anyway, since we’ve been on the road for a while now, Amazon is a no-go.  Sure, I could have it delivered to whatever campground we are staying at for a few weeks at a time but delivery to campsites is sketchy at best.  On top of that, some campgrounds (understandably) won’t allow personal mail delivery.


You know how you realize Amazon has taken over your life?  When you default grab your phone to add something to your cart every single time you need something.  Anything.


These days, if something breaks on the trailer, guess what?  I have to go to a brick and mortar trailer shop to find the parts.  The salesman walked me through other items I would need and instructed me on exactly how to replace the part.  I ran out of dog food so we went to a super sweet mom and pop pet store where they laughed and shared stories of their own pup.  Gone are my monthly subscribe and save deliveries, replaced with a stop at the local market down the street.


I have realized that in my desire for convenience, I have grown to hurt the local and small businesses a little more each year.  When coronavirus broke out, it got far worse.  I didn’t go into a store for months.  Everything was delivered by Amazon and Vons.  I was safe.  I didn’t see people.  I detached from my local community completely.  Now I’m forced back into connecting with real people, real people whose businesses are hanging on by a thread.


Now that we’re facing furloughs at work, I can’t afford takeout at local restaurants.  I feel sad seeing them struggle and close.  But I can help other small businesses.  I can do my part.  For the first time in a long time, I feel a sense of community and I realized how much I missed that.  I miss real, live people.


I know many of you are going to freak out.  You’ll yell that I’m singlehandedly going to kill the entire town with my germs.  But I’m not going to stay inside.  I’ll wear a mask.  I’ll socially distance.  I’ll test regularly.  But sending all my money to the Amazon gods simply isn’t going to happen (nor can it as explained above).


If you are low risk.  If you don’t have people in your life that are high risk.  Please.  Please.  This weekend, rather than log on to Amazon and spend all your Christmas dollars online.  Throw on your mask.  Socially distance.  And spend your money in your local community.

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