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T minus 1 week


We move in one week from today.  Everything that is going to storage has gone.  Everything we don’t use every day but needs to be with us on our Glamping Adventure is in big plastic bins, labeled and stacked and the last few things that we’ve listed for sale are on their last few days before I just donate them.  Every one of us has our clothing in those small plastic drawer sets which can be tucked in closets and corners in the trailer/RV combo we are moving in to.  And school is over.

All that’s left to do, is throw out the furniture that is not going, clean the apartment and load the car (probably a few times) and move stuff over.  I think/hope this next week will be an easy one.  The little kids are just ready for us to be there already.

Now, I feel like I can turn my attention back to the big task at hand…work and money.

I was able to borrow a truck to move a couple of items that I couldn’t move in my car and take them to storage and the RV.  That was such a big help.  Essentially all this move is costing is a bit extra gas money since we received all our boxes for free and borrowed the truck.  So grateful for small favors!