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Dental Health = Wallet Savings


My dentist has been nagging *cough* kindly asking me for over a year to start using an electric toothbrush. “Even on your best day, you can’t brush as effectively as an electric toothbrush” he told me repeatedly. “Blah, blah, blah, spend a ton of money you don’t have on a stupid toothbrush” was all I heard.

At my last appointment, he asked why I hadn’t switched despite his advice. “I live on a tight budget. I don’t have a hundred bucks lying around” I said, slightly annoyed at his persistence.

“You know you can buy one at Target for $25? You need to get past your short term financial hang-ups and start considering the long term financial ramifications. Seeing me every six months is great, but there is only so much I can do for you” he said.

Great. Sounds like my dentist has been listening to Dave Ramsey. Now he’s my financial nag.

So, I bought the $25 electric toothbrush after that appointment and started using it exactly as he instructed. Sure, the thing sounds like I’m driving a dirt bike through my bedroom at 4 a.m., but it’s what the doctor ordered.

At my appointment yesterday, I decided NOT to tell him about my fancy toothbrush splurge.

He sat in his chair, pulled his tool table beside me, and asked me to open wide. I did and he leaned in, holding his metal objects of torture *cough* I mean, his dental tools. There was a pause and then he grabbed my chin (a little harshly I might add), twisting my face from side to side while inspecting my teeth. He threw his arms up into the air like a champion boxer and chanted, “VICTORY!”

So much for him not noticing.

My teeth and gums got a sparkling clean bill of health yesterday.

It’s easy to go the cheap route when it comes to our health – especially in the short term. But try to consider long term consequences BEFORE you ignore your doctor. I’m not saying you must buy an electric toothbrush or suffer the financial perils of bad teeth. What I am saying is, don’t ignore the advice of those who went to school a heck of a lot longer than you did.

Maybe now, I’ll only fund my dentist’s kid’s college fund and not his grandchildren’s too.

Paying bills non-conventionally?


I received the credit card/vet payment bill today for Hutch’s hospitalization (He’s doing WONDERFUL by the way. I went running with him last night and it was awesome!!)


I lost my breath.

But hey, according to the paperwork, if I make minimum payments…I can be paid off in 13 years. It annoys me that this credit card company hopes my debt may outlive my dog.

As I stared at the bill, I was annoyed with myself. Dave Ramsey encourages people to live outside the box rather than have a natural reaction to accrue more debt.

I didn’t think outside the box. I threw in the towel – and quickly at that.

The fact is, there will ALWAYS be a reason to jump back into debt. Car repairs, hospital bills, home repairs… VET BILLS.

I know it’s only a two month hiccup but I can’t help but wonder if I had offered to scrub dog poop, would have let me?

I’m working on changing the way I think. I’m slow – but I’m getting there.

What I really wonder is…

What is the strangest way you have paid a bill?

Have you cleaned your dentist’s home? Have you cooked for your mechanic? Have you babysat for your plumber?

My husband installed an exhaust fan for a 6 pack of beer so trust me – I know you folks are out there.