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Reel Lawn Mower – Lawn Woes No More


I made a leap into relieving some of the on-going stress yesterday! My new “Hope”-powered lawn mower, otherwise known as a Reel Lawn Mower arrived.

I assembled it and immediately cut the front yard. Rested a bit (it was over 100 outside) and then cut the side yard. No more lawn woes for this girl!

Why I Choose a Reel Lawn Mower

If you remember from my post in June, I was leaning towards an electric mower. I hadn’t even thought of going with a reel mower then.

But with encouragement from the BAD community of slew of internet searches and some Home Depot visits – reel seemed to be the best option for me.

The determining factors were:

  • The upfront cost was significantly less.
  • We have a pretty small, mostly level yard.
  • Lawn mower maintenance has been the bane of my existence EVERY SINGLE WEEK since grass cutting season started.
  • No gas, no carburetor, no oil changes.
  • No plugging in, no cords.
  • American Lawn Mower seems to have a great reputation.
  • All I need is WD-40 for weekly maintenance!

I would like to add the “greener” advantage to that list, but it was not a factor I considered. I needed easy and reliable.

It’s really comical how excited I am about this new purchase. And how excited I am to finally be able to maintain my own yard as I have wanted to all year.

Finances of My New Lawn Mower

My grandmother called me right as I finished mowing yesterday, and when I told her I had just mowed her response was “with what?” I could hear the shock in her voice when I said “my brand new lawn mower!”

She graciously loaned me her lawn mower, one of the two FREE lawn mowers we have to use, that I cannot keep running.

new reel lawn mower by American Lawn Mower

The two gas powered lawn mowers have now been replaced by my handy, dandy American Lawn Mower Reel Mower

The new reel lawn mower cost $69 before tax. It is a 14″ wide version, with 5 blades and 10″ wheels. There was a slightly cheaper version with 4 blades and 8.5″ wheels. I decided the extra $5 was worth it.

While I would have preferred a wider option, the difference in cost was over $30+. I decided a few extra laps of the yard would pay off in healthy benefits more than spending more money right now.

Now I must acquire a bottle of WD-40, which I don’t think will cost me more than a few dollars and last a long time.

I am proud of myself. That is such a good feeling.

What decision have you made, that might be silly to others, but makes you feel good about yourself?

Lawn Woes


Last year I paid a man to cut our grass every week or at least bi-weekly. He charged me $15 per cut and did a good job. This year I decided to save the money and cut the grass ourselves. The dilemma was we don’t have any lawn maintenance equipment, specifically a lawn mower.

Free Equipment

Thankfully, my grandmother had an old lawn mower she wasn’t using and said we could borrow it for the summer. Yeah!

Unfortunately, after years of little to no use, it has needed a lot of work. A handyman friend has spent countless hours here replacing parts, band-aiding issues and helping us with workarounds. It worked for a few weeks. My only cost…gas.

That lawnmower is still sitting here, but won’t crank at all.

Then, my uncle brought me an old lawnmower from our old lake house. This lawnmower is probably 20 plus years old. He changed the oil and sharpened the blade before bringing it over.

It ran well for several weeks too. And then the cord you pull broke. An easy fix, if you can find the part to fix it. And since it’s so old, haven’t had any luck yet.

The Rains Came

Then it started raining here. And rained and rained and rained.

Our grass is now two feet tall. And I have no way to cut it.

What to Do

The man who has been helping me fix and maintain the lawn mowers for the last couple of months graciously loaned me a mower today. I had hoped to get the lawn cut before the rain begins again.

Gymnast cut the bulk of the front yard and then this mower died too. Do you think it’s me?

I must now figure out what to do. We still have 3-4 months of regular lawn care to do. Here are my options and the associated costs, what is your advice?

  1. Pay someone to cut the grass. I’m not sure I can get it for $15 per cut again, but think I could get it for $25 or so or $100 per month.
  2. Continue to band aid the lawn mowers I have and limp through. I haven’t had to put any money into them thusfar, but now I will need too. Hopefully with just a small investment I could get one or both of them running for the duration of the season.
  3. Buy a mower. I have found a cordless electric mower for $115 with a needed $20 add on piece to make it a mulching mower. (I have researched gas vs electric mowers, and I think electric is the way to go for our small yard, less maintenance and ease of use.

    Snow Joe Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

    Snow Joe Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

If I can get my friend’s help, I think I’m leaning toward Option 2. It seems the most economical. And if I can get and keep the two mowers running…it seems the best option. The issue has been the headache of getting and keeping them running.