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Canceling Cable…


Each month our cable bill has inched higher and higher. This month, it reached the highest amount we’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, our roommates cover half the bill plus their pricey premium channels but once they move out, I don’t think I can justify spending so much on a luxury.

I decided to look into other options.

We don’t watch TV much, but we both really enjoy staying in on a Saturday night and laughing at our favorite comedies. It sort of makes us less miserable about the whole “we don’t spend outside the budget” thing we’ve got going. Sure I could say we will start playing card games, doing crafts together, or cooking by candlelight but… um… we won’t.

I’ve heard about Hulu.com and Netflix streaming via the Wii but I haven’t actually tried them. So, I’ve got two options. I, the tech idiot, can try to figure it out on my own OR, I can see if any of you folks have made the switch and see how it worked for you.

I may be a tech idiot, but I’ve got common sense at least.

Share your cable cutting ideas!

Good Workout? No Gym Required…


I haven’t been released to exercise since I came down with pneumonia, but I figured I could exercise a little without doing too much damage. Never mind the fact that I haven’t exerted any sort of physical energy for the last 60 or so days. I was just so tired of feeling like a sick train wreck, I thought exercising might make me feel more like the old me.

My husband bought me the Wii Active More Workouts game for Christmas so I figured that would be a good place to start. Users are given the option to choose easy, medium, or hard workouts. Given my current situation, I chose… medium.

The overachiever in me is incapable of choosing any option labeled ‘easy’.

And maybe, this choice would have been fine… had I not exchanged the flimsy resistance band from the package to my ultra strong 3 layer band.

31 minutes later I was sweating, gasping for breath, and wishing I had taught my dog to fetch my inhaler. Just thinking about the ‘hard’ level gives me night terrors.

I’m cancelling my gym membership.

My Free Weekend…


I spent this Sunday like I spend most Sunday’s – at my parents’ house. We barbeque and play games with my nieces and nephews. These Sunday’s have always been a joy… until the invention of the Wii.

What happened to the good ol’ days of Nintendo and Sega glassy eyed kids? Now they are dancing, singing, and playing instruments. It’s as if the Wii transformed our family into a modern day Brady Bunch band. Ugh.

I rented the Sonic vs. Mario Summer Olympics game from the library. I’m pretty sure I would have expelled less energy actually competing IN the Olympics. Real swimming isn’t nearly as difficult as Wii swimming. Trust me… I can’t use my arms today.

And with the invention of Rock Band, I can’t just sing Aerosmith, I have to sing Aerosmith AND play a guitar. My voice has joined my arms in the ‘not usable’ category.

I think these games were secretly invented by parents who would like to temporarily disable their children. You can’t talk back after losing your voice to Paramore – or maybe that’s just me.

I wish I could say my nieces and nephews suffered from the same painful muscle strain I have today but… I had so much fun playing that I didn’t exactly let them play. When they started crying about the unfairness of it all, I could only say, ‘Back off shorty! Aunti Beks has to finish the last rift of Salt N Pepa so she can win a new tour bus for the band.’

The best things in life are free.